Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that ANNOY ME!

So things have been getting on my nerves. Like crazy things that make me wanna yell and loose my temper. But most people who know me im not like that. So I'm just gonna bitch about it.

1. People who think they are always right. Holy Shit I'm sure everyone knows someone like this. Where you are having a convo about something you are POSITIVE about because you have either experienced it or done your research and these said people will just ignore you or talk down to you like you are a complete idiot. You know what maybe I was trying to help you but if you seem to think I'm dumb and dont know right I will just stop giving you my advice. You know what makes these people even more annoying is when your talking to them they just end the convo with "whatever". You know what fine. I would be able to handle these people IF they would man up to the fact they are wrong when they find out they are.

2. People who think they are better than others. This one really is a peeve because it causes people who already have low self esteem to have issues. If there is something that I WOULD DO. Doesnt mean I need to know that you wouldnt do it because you think its dumb or you would do it. If I mention how I feel about something doesnt mean you need to put me down. I am not you I was raised differently and have different Morals and different perspectives. Again ties into your ways arent ALWAYS RIGHT.

3.People who can't be nice about other peoples good things. If I tell you about something I did that I was happy about or something like that I dont expect you to jump up and down and be overly excited. But you could at least have the respect to listen to me. I can tell when people arent listening and when you arent looking at me or responding thats rude.

4. Skinny people who are self concious of their bodies. Okay if you have a great body im not saying you have to flaunt it but dont overly cover it and act like its a terrible thing. It makes people who arent even half as thin as you feel really wierd about their bodies.

5.People who make plans and than back out last min with DUMB excuses. You say you wanna hang out and so we go ahead and make plans. Than you cant just say I dont really wanna go you come up with these REDICULOUS excuses. We all know that its just a reason to ditch. Or even better you make plans with me and another person and because the other person bails you bail too. How the hell do you think that makes me feel? Im not good enough to hang out with you only invited me if the other person was coming? WTF.

6.Being late to things. I especially hate to be late when its not my fault. Traffic, and other people making me late is annoying.

So as you can tell alot of things have been getting on my nerves this isnt about one person but alot of people. So dont think its just you. And dont assume. Cuz that just makes an ASS out of U and Me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Me and a Family member

Two people that I love and feel like I havent mentioned enough in this blog. My cousin Tan Tan. He is the shit and always willing to help me out!!! Him and I are very close and have been my entire life I think hell, we even have pictures of us 1 year old pushing each other around the gym at a family reunion! I wish he lived closer so that we could hang out all the time. We always have WAY too much fun!

And Preston. He is the damned cutest freaking little boy I have ever met. I wanna kidnap him and take him with me everywhere. I'm sad cuz he is growing up SOOO fast and I dont get to see him but like once a year which is sad. I just hope someday in the future he'll actually know who I am and Love me as much as I love him!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 26

So yeah I obviously failed haha...No but I just kinda got a.d.d as far as the picture challenge is concerned. I intend to finish it...Eventually lol.

Day 26 is a picture of something that means alot to me vaguely the same as the one about something that has alot of value to you.

So im gonna go on the NON materialistic side of it.

Something that means alot to me is my friends:

Shawn and Cecilia, they are amazing amazing women. They are strong, dedicated and inspiring. They are the most strong hearted and fabulous people I have been blessed to meet.

Ang, and Tiffers, they were the girls who kept me going in Highschool. They cracked me up and their energy is never dying!! We had many fun sleepovers and the kept me young.

Rado and Tarebear, Both these two have been there for me since elementry. Sure I moved away but that hasnt allowed our friendship to dwindle at all. They have been there for everything. It seems like if I'm having a hard time they are the first people to try to help!