Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 26

So yeah I obviously failed haha...No but I just kinda got a.d.d as far as the picture challenge is concerned. I intend to finish it...Eventually lol.

Day 26 is a picture of something that means alot to me vaguely the same as the one about something that has alot of value to you.

So im gonna go on the NON materialistic side of it.

Something that means alot to me is my friends:

Shawn and Cecilia, they are amazing amazing women. They are strong, dedicated and inspiring. They are the most strong hearted and fabulous people I have been blessed to meet.

Ang, and Tiffers, they were the girls who kept me going in Highschool. They cracked me up and their energy is never dying!! We had many fun sleepovers and the kept me young.

Rado and Tarebear, Both these two have been there for me since elementry. Sure I moved away but that hasnt allowed our friendship to dwindle at all. They have been there for everything. It seems like if I'm having a hard time they are the first people to try to help!

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