Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beginning of 2014

So last years resolutions were to save money, lose weight, be more positive, and project 52. I have managed to do all three things. I am not as happy with how much we have saved as I could be, but we managed to save 4000, which is really good amount for an emergency fund. I hope to not touch that money as much as possible this coming year and if at all possible add on to it. It would be great if we had a nice little nest egg to use when we move. In the weight loss department I'm sure you have been following that journey through out the year and I'm and extremely proud of my progress I hope to loose the last 11 lbs in the next few months, and boy would I be proud! The positivity thing although I have had struggles through out the year my new found super supportive group of friends is proof that I am actually attracting the right people and keeping a positive outlook on life!!!  And as of yesterday I finished my final topic for project 52, just in the nick of time to start the next one :) I started to think half way through the year it would never happen, but I pushed on and finished and it feels good to know I stuck with something for the entire year!!

Now into this years resolutions. I have a much lover list, but I love or make lists so that isn't surprising!! I think this list is extremely possible, and I look forward to how much achieving everything on it in the next 365 days will change me as a person!! 

Read 12 books I really need to dedicate more time to myself and relaxing I can achieve this by reading one book a month

Blog twice a week once a week I will blog my 365 project photos, and than once a week I will do a different post

365 project a picture a day fully edited 

Read and finish the respect dare I have been starting this book multiple times, but I need to have Dustin home for the entirety of the book in order to finish it. If you are not familiar with this book, and your with a significant other this book is worth a read.

Run 2 5ks I need a goal to work towards other than weight loss with my fitness. And this seems like a very doable goal.

Get out of debt we are getting ever so close to this being a reality...all we have to do is get the student loan place to figure out how to refinance the loan so we can pay it off...should be done by the end of the year!!

Get organized and declutter so many things in my house need organized  and de cluttered. This year is the year to do it before our pcs in 2015

Maintain my 4.0 gpa I start two classes in February, and than have mycaa funds for one more class this summer. Than hopefully the loan will be figured out so that we can get grants to continue my education this fall!

Do 24 photo-shoots I haven't decided if this number is too big or not, but I feel like two shoots a month is a good goal. I really hope to pick up some new clients for my portfolio while we are still stationed here. I really love providing beautiful photos to great families for free, it makes me feel happy!!

Go on 3 trips heck if we stay in and have to pcs in 2015 that makes this year our last year in Europe. That means we better continue to get our traveling so we feel like we really saw the land while we had the oppurtunity!!

Reach 145 this goal may seem materialistic and putting a number is kind of senseless. I know I should worry less about the number and more about the look, but I want to reach this number and I am only 10 lbs away from hitting it. I want to reach it before....

Get pregnant I am hoping to be at a healthy weight when we start ttc, so that maybe just maybe I will manage to not have GD and have to deal with the pain attached to it.

Try new recipe once a week I feel like I tend to get in a cooking rut. Which can be easily relieved by trying new recipes. And more often than not I find out I really love the new recipe and we eat it all the time!!

These are my goals for 2014, it may seem like a lot of goals, but in reality they will be spread out over 12 months which makes them highly possible. I will of course keep you updated on my progress every three months, to see just how far we come!! 

What are your resolutions?

Project 52: Glamour

So I had this great idea for this theme, but never got around to doing it and in this final ditch effort to finish my goal for 2013 before we start 2014 I had to take a new attempt at the theme. So thinking of what glamour means, you generally think of makeup. So I got a ton of makeup for Christmas, and so what better thing to take a picture of for this theme, specifically since I haven't done too many still life pictures for this challenge.

Project 52: Fragile

What is more precious and fragile than a new born baby!! Okay she is a couple weeks old now, but I'm sure most of you remember my first maternity session that I posted about a few months back? Well very excitedly finally took my first pictures of the darling outside of mommy now :)

Project 52: childhood

Oh I'm sure we all fondly look back at our childhood and think of the things we wish we knew than what we know now. I am sure we would all live much fuller lives and complain a lot less knowing we had no worries and stress!! I watch Kyra everyday and see her grow and learn and just enjoy the little things in life and marvel at how sweet these times are!!! This is Kyra bowling, not her first time but first time with daddy in tow!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Project 52: New

So I lied about being up early enough to catch a sunrise. So since the sunrise is the start to a new day, it fits the topic for this week. This was Christmas Eve and the sunrise was marvelous!!

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Project 52: Old

I know you have all seen this picture before a sane sample of my editing styles, but this is also going to be my picture of something old! I only have a couple topics to do and less and less days plus I have more Christmas Market Blogs I want to get shared!!  I am way to excited to write and post my blog about resolutions for 2014. But really need to finish my resolutions from 2013 first...and I know I can do it!! I have a huge list this year in how I want to make my year as productive as possible!!

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Project 52: Lips

I was gonna go the normal route with this topic and take a picture of my lips, or someones lips with bright red lipstick...But I decided to get up close and personal with Kyra's Lips!! Haha she is too funny sometimes, and her new habit of sticking her tongue out when she is focused is too stinking cute!!

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Project 52: Make Believe

Kyra got a Kitchen for Christmas!! And was washing her dishes in the sink!! She is such a good little girl!

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

Project 52: Kitchen

So we may not be completely in the kitchen in this picture, but I thought it was so cute how much effort she was putting into frosting her cookie just like a little chef!!

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Strasbourg Christmas Market

This Christmas Market was one I had looked forward to all year, last year I was able to see how Christmas was done in Netherlands so this year we ventured over to France to see how it was done there! Well it was a really long drive in a crowded car....somehow the smallest human in the car takes up the most space. We also got started later than we had planned.

I really can't wait to go back to this town on a weekend and spend sometime exploring it just like Nuremburg. They are really pretty towns and I can only imagine them with green trees and flowers everywhere.

I have to say now getting down to it...I was really dissapointed with this Market. Maybe we missed something, but I felt like there is a lot of hype for what is really a small market. And going on a weekend evening was also not a great choice. It was so crowded we spent most of the time looking at our feet and trying not to run into other people. We didn't get a chance to even get close to the stands to check things out.

But of course we were able to enjoy a glass or two of Gluhwein!! And some Kebabs!! Before dashing away back home.

Their Market Square area is really pretty the buildings are very impressive!

Albert in front of the masses of people


I feel like we may have missed some of the market down this alley but had no desire to attempt it.

Stands from a distance.

This building has the same windows as my cabinet at home does :D I love it!

Hahah what a creep!!

Worlds creepiest manniquin!

At this point I must have changed a setting on the camera because everything got a little blurry. But Kyra and I were dancing to the street performers!

I wish I could claim this picture as my own, but Erica took this Beautiful picture!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

21 Month old Bebe!!

Nicknames: Kyra Bug, Bug, Booger

Clothing Size: 2T

Personality: Your personality is changing everyday and really is different every single days. Somedays you are a comidian and think you are the funniest person around. Others you wake up with more sass than someone as small as you should. But most the time you are so sweet, and love to give out hugs and kisses to anyone willing to recieve them.

Things I Could Do Without:  Attitude. You are always ignoring me or thinking its funny when I tell you no.

Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Christmas Movies. You seem to have your mama's Christmas spirit and love to watch them!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Puzzles and books. Although we don't do them as often as we maybe should, you love when we do.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: You putting your hand out for me to hold so you can lead me places you want us to go together. When you sneak up on me and laugh your head off.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Chasing Shade up and down the hall, playing in bed with mom, and reading and counting.

Nuremburg Christmas Market

So Nuremburg is very very well known for their Christmas Market and for good reasoning. The market was huge, beautiful and everyone seemed so friendly. The Christmas spirit was certainly in that town!! Although I adore small town markets and the feeling of being part of an inclusive family, this market made the top of my list!! I am ever so glad we went on a week day and at the beginning of the season however as I suspect it would be awful to get around on a weekend.

Kyra was a good little traveler!

So was Tiffany!

Creeper Erica!

Twas a long drive and Kyra couldnt hold out

We got stuck in a stau for about 30 mins. and just as Erica and I were going to go pee on the side of the road, the traffic took off and we got to use an actual potty!!

The original walls of Nuremburg

Kyra makes those horses look tiny ;)

What a sweet way to spend the day!

Making Gluhwein with flames.

Tiffany in front of one of the prettier churches!!

The Market is so big it even has an international section. I failed to take a picture of the USA stand as I found it kind of sad...I guess we have no cool traditions as it was just selling junk food :( and for some reason the city that represents USA is Atlanta....

Nuremburg Christmas Market is known for their angel that greets you at the gates. This was the one at the entrance to the international Markt.

For those of you wondering why she was so happy, she gets this excited to see my face :D I feel so loved!!

I love Hot Cocoa!!

We were really excited about our Mugs!!

Everywhere we go Kyra makes friends with kids I love it!!

These litle guys are made from Nuts and Prunes lol!!

I really thought this Church was stunning!

haha she was so proud of her long crooked weiner :P

Nebraska Girl at Heart!

Entrance to the Kinderweihnacht (Kids Christmas Markt)

Photo bombed :D

St Nikolaus

She loved the trains!

turns out the red button we pushed like 20 times after this takes your picture for their page LOL
 Childrens Christmas Market was so cute they had crafts for older kids, rides, moving toys etc...

Kyra was utterly fascinated by the Carasoul and Tiffany was creeping LOL

Santa playing an Accordian and a ghost just passing by!!

We found more boot mugs :D

Kyras Festival food haha!! May make me a bad parent but the kid has to eat something and doesnt want brats!

We found out the hard way why Gluhbeir is not as popular as Gluhwien!

Beer man took our picture :D

Long drive home!!