Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beginning of 2014

So last years resolutions were to save money, lose weight, be more positive, and project 52. I have managed to do all three things. I am not as happy with how much we have saved as I could be, but we managed to save 4000, which is really good amount for an emergency fund. I hope to not touch that money as much as possible this coming year and if at all possible add on to it. It would be great if we had a nice little nest egg to use when we move. In the weight loss department I'm sure you have been following that journey through out the year and I'm and extremely proud of my progress I hope to loose the last 11 lbs in the next few months, and boy would I be proud! The positivity thing although I have had struggles through out the year my new found super supportive group of friends is proof that I am actually attracting the right people and keeping a positive outlook on life!!!  And as of yesterday I finished my final topic for project 52, just in the nick of time to start the next one :) I started to think half way through the year it would never happen, but I pushed on and finished and it feels good to know I stuck with something for the entire year!!

Now into this years resolutions. I have a much lover list, but I love or make lists so that isn't surprising!! I think this list is extremely possible, and I look forward to how much achieving everything on it in the next 365 days will change me as a person!! 

Read 12 books I really need to dedicate more time to myself and relaxing I can achieve this by reading one book a month

Blog twice a week once a week I will blog my 365 project photos, and than once a week I will do a different post

365 project a picture a day fully edited 

Read and finish the respect dare I have been starting this book multiple times, but I need to have Dustin home for the entirety of the book in order to finish it. If you are not familiar with this book, and your with a significant other this book is worth a read.

Run 2 5ks I need a goal to work towards other than weight loss with my fitness. And this seems like a very doable goal.

Get out of debt we are getting ever so close to this being a reality...all we have to do is get the student loan place to figure out how to refinance the loan so we can pay it off...should be done by the end of the year!!

Get organized and declutter so many things in my house need organized  and de cluttered. This year is the year to do it before our pcs in 2015

Maintain my 4.0 gpa I start two classes in February, and than have mycaa funds for one more class this summer. Than hopefully the loan will be figured out so that we can get grants to continue my education this fall!

Do 24 photo-shoots I haven't decided if this number is too big or not, but I feel like two shoots a month is a good goal. I really hope to pick up some new clients for my portfolio while we are still stationed here. I really love providing beautiful photos to great families for free, it makes me feel happy!!

Go on 3 trips heck if we stay in and have to pcs in 2015 that makes this year our last year in Europe. That means we better continue to get our traveling so we feel like we really saw the land while we had the oppurtunity!!

Reach 145 this goal may seem materialistic and putting a number is kind of senseless. I know I should worry less about the number and more about the look, but I want to reach this number and I am only 10 lbs away from hitting it. I want to reach it before....

Get pregnant I am hoping to be at a healthy weight when we start ttc, so that maybe just maybe I will manage to not have GD and have to deal with the pain attached to it.

Try new recipe once a week I feel like I tend to get in a cooking rut. Which can be easily relieved by trying new recipes. And more often than not I find out I really love the new recipe and we eat it all the time!!

These are my goals for 2014, it may seem like a lot of goals, but in reality they will be spread out over 12 months which makes them highly possible. I will of course keep you updated on my progress every three months, to see just how far we come!! 

What are your resolutions?

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