Monday, December 16, 2013

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Heidelberg Christmas Market has become a tradition after 2 years to be our first Christmas Market each year. The market itself is very spread out and includes a lot of walking but Heidelberg is just so beautiful you have to love going there.

Isn't that such a beautiful view?

This year we thought we had read correctly that the castle part of the market was open the day we went. But we rode the train to the top and found out we had indeed been incorrect. But did enjoy the oppurtunity to enjoy the view!!

So Germany isn't always stroller accessable!! We later were shown that going up backwards is far easier, and that asians can be very generous and helpful!!

The Heidelberg Castle is really pretty, but after paying for the train ride up we didn't really wanna pay the entrance fee also! Maybe next year we will time it right and see the castle part of the market.

So after a quick train ride back into town we were more than ready for some gluhwein and snacks!!

Kyra lives off of Pommes when we go to festivals she just loves French Fries and not much else as far as festival foods.

No more cold fingers, we found gloves small enough for Little Kyra hands!!

Yum!! Waffles!

And of course Kyra saw the Merry-go-round and wanted to ride the horses! So we went for a little ride before more shopping :D

Kyra was too into the ride to look at the camera!

Feeling a little dizzy after spinning in circles after wine lol!

I always think this clock tower is really pretty!!

Over all this Market was beautiful, and not super crowded as there is plenty of space between each section of the booths so people are able to spread out more. That and we went earlier in the season so things weren't as crazy!!

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