Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nuremburg Christmas Market

So Nuremburg is very very well known for their Christmas Market and for good reasoning. The market was huge, beautiful and everyone seemed so friendly. The Christmas spirit was certainly in that town!! Although I adore small town markets and the feeling of being part of an inclusive family, this market made the top of my list!! I am ever so glad we went on a week day and at the beginning of the season however as I suspect it would be awful to get around on a weekend.

Kyra was a good little traveler!

So was Tiffany!

Creeper Erica!

Twas a long drive and Kyra couldnt hold out

We got stuck in a stau for about 30 mins. and just as Erica and I were going to go pee on the side of the road, the traffic took off and we got to use an actual potty!!

The original walls of Nuremburg

Kyra makes those horses look tiny ;)

What a sweet way to spend the day!

Making Gluhwein with flames.

Tiffany in front of one of the prettier churches!!

The Market is so big it even has an international section. I failed to take a picture of the USA stand as I found it kind of sad...I guess we have no cool traditions as it was just selling junk food :( and for some reason the city that represents USA is Atlanta....

Nuremburg Christmas Market is known for their angel that greets you at the gates. This was the one at the entrance to the international Markt.

For those of you wondering why she was so happy, she gets this excited to see my face :D I feel so loved!!

I love Hot Cocoa!!

We were really excited about our Mugs!!

Everywhere we go Kyra makes friends with kids I love it!!

These litle guys are made from Nuts and Prunes lol!!

I really thought this Church was stunning!

haha she was so proud of her long crooked weiner :P

Nebraska Girl at Heart!

Entrance to the Kinderweihnacht (Kids Christmas Markt)

Photo bombed :D

St Nikolaus

She loved the trains!

turns out the red button we pushed like 20 times after this takes your picture for their page LOL
 Childrens Christmas Market was so cute they had crafts for older kids, rides, moving toys etc...

Kyra was utterly fascinated by the Carasoul and Tiffany was creeping LOL

Santa playing an Accordian and a ghost just passing by!!

We found more boot mugs :D

Kyras Festival food haha!! May make me a bad parent but the kid has to eat something and doesnt want brats!

We found out the hard way why Gluhbeir is not as popular as Gluhwien!

Beer man took our picture :D

Long drive home!!

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