Monday, December 23, 2013

Strasbourg Christmas Market

This Christmas Market was one I had looked forward to all year, last year I was able to see how Christmas was done in Netherlands so this year we ventured over to France to see how it was done there! Well it was a really long drive in a crowded car....somehow the smallest human in the car takes up the most space. We also got started later than we had planned.

I really can't wait to go back to this town on a weekend and spend sometime exploring it just like Nuremburg. They are really pretty towns and I can only imagine them with green trees and flowers everywhere.

I have to say now getting down to it...I was really dissapointed with this Market. Maybe we missed something, but I felt like there is a lot of hype for what is really a small market. And going on a weekend evening was also not a great choice. It was so crowded we spent most of the time looking at our feet and trying not to run into other people. We didn't get a chance to even get close to the stands to check things out.

But of course we were able to enjoy a glass or two of Gluhwein!! And some Kebabs!! Before dashing away back home.

Their Market Square area is really pretty the buildings are very impressive!

Albert in front of the masses of people


I feel like we may have missed some of the market down this alley but had no desire to attempt it.

Stands from a distance.

This building has the same windows as my cabinet at home does :D I love it!

Hahah what a creep!!

Worlds creepiest manniquin!

At this point I must have changed a setting on the camera because everything got a little blurry. But Kyra and I were dancing to the street performers!

I wish I could claim this picture as my own, but Erica took this Beautiful picture!!

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