Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 things I will miss about Germany!!!

For those of you who may have missed out on my list I made and shared each day in the month of April!! This country is amazing and has so many great things!! If you ever get the chance to at least visit do it you will not regret it!! 

30 things I will miss about Germany:

1. Culture- There is so much of it here and each country around Germany also has lots. So much to learn about, so many new holidays to celebrate, just lots of fun!!

2. Festivals- Speaking of Holidays to celebrate, German are all Bout any reason to have a good time. There are festivals all year round, with plenty of tasty food and drinks to enjoy, and fun for all ages!!

3. Parks- We are talking about huge beautiful parks full of trees, ponds, flowers, and benches to sit and enjoy it all!! Or in my case to take pictures of people enjoying it!!

4. Castles- Germany has sooooooo many castles!! Just a quick ride down the Rhine and you will see a handful just on the banks of the river. And of course some that are more famous too!!

5. Driving on the autobahn- Not just because in sections of it you can go whatever speed you are comfortable with which can make up for lost time spent in staus, but also because Germans actually know how to drive and right lane is used only for passing which most the time keeps the flow of traffic going smoothly!!

6. Riding the trains- And for those trips where you just don't wanna drive the whole way, and places near by where it is frankly easier to jump on the train than find parking. 

7. Schnitzel- Yummy breaded pork topped with all kinds of yummy stuff!! My favorites are either the creamy sauce with mushrooms, or the onion sauce!!

8. Brats- One of my favorite festival foods!! Gotta love a fresh grilled German Brat covered in mustard!!

9. Farmers Markets- Mmmm fresh fruit and veggies, and cheese, and wine!! Need I say more?

10. Christmas Markets- If you have followed my blog for anytime you know that Christmas Markets are my favorite!!! It may be cold out but the cups of gluhwein, and the amazing treats you can get at these markets are worth going to one every day of December if you can mange it!!!

11. Bavarian Alps- Also if you know me and read my blog you know that we go down to the Alps every year it's so stunning!!

12. Fasching- Another German party!! Yup it's the Carnival of Germany. Everyone dresses up and goes to parades and enjoys themselves!!

13. Close travel to rest of Europe- I don't think this needs explanation, who doesn't want quick access to all of Europe? I know we sure made sure to take advantage as often as possible!!

14. Great wine and Beer- Seriously the best I have ever had, and we were lucky to live in the middle of wine country!! I even turned Dustin into a wine-o!!

15. Only restaurants open on Sunday- I love the idea of not having the rush of everyday life once a week, where you can go walk by all the stores in the market and just window shop without all the crowds!!

16. Cathedrals- These amazing buildings are all over Europe and they are stunning. The detail on both the insides and outsides are breathtaking. I can't even imagine how much work and effort went into building them all!! America has nothing like it!

17. Feeling of safety- Of course every country has plenty of their own problems, and no where is completely free of crime. But spending 3 years here I have never felt scared going out at night to walk the dog!

18. Friends- We are collectors of friends and have made so many new friends here both Military and German natives!! They are really what make the stay here so enjoyable!! From BBQs to traveling together we have made some pretty awesome memories!!

19. Our deep bathtub and tall toilets- This one may seem wierd but I love our bathtub I can climb in and be fully covered with water, it's amazing!! And the tall toilets are so nice specially when you are pregnant and not wanting to do squats!! Everytime we visit the states I about fall on my face!!
20. 4 day weekends once a month- This obviously being a military privilege, but it has sure made travel awesome!!

21. Bakeries- Omg there is one on like every corner down in town and I have yet to go to one that I didn't enjoy what we bought!! So delicious!! And the sandwiches are amazing!!

22. Cool playgrounds- Germans make the coolest playgrounds, things that make your kids really think how to use them and be creative, we even have fun playing at the parks here!!

23. Openness about breastfeeding- This is one thing I am most nervous about moving back to the states for. I have only known the amazingly supportive lifestyle of Europe and you get wierder looks when you do cover!!

24. Soccer- Dude, soccer all over Europe is very popular!! And they sure know how to celebrate their wins!!

25. No billboards- Something so little that most people don't even notice but you can go on road trips and enjoy the clutter free scenery!

26. Walking trails- They are everywhere and well used. You can walk almost anywhere in Germany if you wanted to!

27. All of the history- Europe as we all know is full of amazing History, make sure you read up the day before you leave to visit another town!! Or stop into the tourist office located in each town!! Makes the trip so much more fulfilling!! 

28. Ice cream trucks- Mmm fresh ice cream and Gilato none of that nonsense Popsicle business!!

29. Fresh pizza- Okay, not the stuff you get delivered to your house but the ones you get at pizzerias!! Our favorite was the steak and asparagus pizza at Joeys in Mainz!

30. German songs- Even tho we have no idea what they are saying their music is catchy!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Book reviews!!!

Just finished books 10-13. Yup by the end of April just 4 months I have read 13 books!! Maybe I have no life, or maybe I am trying to spend less time on Facebook, I don't know. But I am enjoying the fact I have read so many!! And plan to read a bunch more over the next few weeks once all our belongings are gone.

Alright here are my quick descriptions and my opinions on them!! Hope I help you find some thing new to read!! For my past reviews follow this link:

American Sniper by Chris Kyle

So this one isn't something I would normally pick up, but Dustin had read it in a matter of days and so I thought it must be a really good book. Plus I really like to read books before we watch the movie in most cases it is far better that way!! However, in my opinion this book was SLOW. I had a hard time reading it and went many days not reading because I was just not intrigued. I enjoyed learning more about Chris Kyle and find him an interesting person, and it also gave me a bit more of an insite into what goes through my husbands mind. But to me he spent too much time telling every detail about every gun he has ever shot, every vehicle he has ever driven etc...and it got old for me. I think the movie will be excellent as it will skip all those details and just show the action part of his story! So if you aren't into slow moving autobiographys pas up the book and just watch the movie.

Worthy of Love by Sally Gerard

This book I read in the middle of reading American Sniper, I needed a break from that book for a little bit. And when Sally who is a mentor of sorts, someone I have always looked up to, put up a request for a few people to read her newest book and review it I jumped on the chance. You all read my review about her previous book Windows in the Loft, and I really enjoy the way she writes. So not really knowing what the book was about I began to dig in right away. The book follows the story of a young woman who has always lived with the guilt of her mothers death (from her birth) and her father has done nothing but blame her for it her whole life. When she finally has her life on track she meets a man and begins to fall for him, but will she ever be able to stay with him? I really enjoyed this read and finished it in less than a week. It was a bit predictable which isn't always a bad thing, and in the case of a book like this is actually nice to read and just relax into the plot, you feel right at home with the characters like you have known them your whole life.

Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

This book caught my attention when I was browsing through Oyster and not really knowing what I wanted to read next I picked it up!! The story follows a young teenager, trying to make her way through high school, and the struggle of living up to her parents expectations as well as really figuring out who she is!! The story was very easy to read and I found it quite enjoyable. I do think however the story is more relatable to younger crowd than I relate with any longer. The plot twist is not what you expect!! Great story, bit of a tear jerker in parts, over all if you want an easy read and a good story and still find teenagers relatable READ IT!!

The Giver by Lois Lowrey

I am sure by this point most people have picked up this book or watched the movie. With that being the case I won't tell you much about the plot. Not that much can be said without giving away a lot of the story! I am fairly sure in Highschool I was assigned this as a book to read. And we'll with working after school and just frankly being a teenager, never actually read the book, probably just skimmed to get the gist. And I am ashamed of that, because after picking this up I read it in just a few days!! It's an amazing book and the story is eye opening!! If you haven't read it do!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The one with vintage dress up time!!

This week is going to be a short one!! All we did all week was hang out at home, clean and organize!!

Wednesday and Friday were the only days we did much. Wednesday of course was MOPs and we of course had a great time!! Than we headed back down to Frankfurt yet again to work on the car key!! This time we left with the key after paying 110€ more than we were originally quoted. And than got to town to grab some this from the grocery store we needed and found out the electronic device part wasn't even working, So dustin had to drive back Thursday to get it fixed.

Friday during the day was uneventful, but Friday evening I went to Bunco for the first time in like 5 months. And had a great time. The hostess themed it vintage housewives!! And it was a blast to dress up.

Saturday we went to the pet store so Kyra could see the animals and to pick up a few things we need for Shades kennel for the trip! Than got groceries, napped, and played at home!!

Sunday was yet another day to clean and organize. One more week of this and than our household stuff will be GONE!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Darren is 3 months old!!

Nicknames: Bubba, Buddy, Chubba, Monster

Clothing Size: 6-9 months!!

Personality: I would say 90% of the time you are just the happiest little guy!! Or are full of smiles and funny faces!! I could stare at you all day!! But that 10% when you are not happy is so exhausting, because when you are mad you are mad and only walking calms you down!!

Item/Toy We Love The Most: still using the Boppy lounger everyday, and the carrier as it was with Kyra is often a life saver. 

Item/Toy You Love The Most: You are starting to really like your toys!! And you like the blue ones the most. You have a blue elephant you are always hugging and cuddling with, and you still really like your blue monkey and the bunny you got for Easter!!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: I love playing with you and watching your smiles!! You are always cheesing!! Your little personality is really coming out!!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Watching Kyra play!! And messing around with your hands and toungue that you have recently discovered how to control.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Prepping for the move: 40 days to go.

So it only took forever, but we finally got our stinking orders!! It was a real hassle to wait that long and somehow at least for me just having that silly piece or paper in my hand eliminated half the stress!! Now my list making can and has gone crazy.

I have a daily to do list made each night, moving things we didn't get done the day prior down on the list. And than writing Dustin his own to do list to take with him each day!! So much to get done in just 40 days but I like the idea of keeping busy.

Since we got orders Friday we have already accomplished so much!!

We have managed to get our plane tickets, and much to our surprise we land right in Killeen so that is awesome!! And we even got Shades spot reserved no problem!! 
We scheduled the drop off our car for the end of this week. The thought of not having the car for a while on both ends is a little stressful, but I know we will manage just fine.
We have an appointment with household goods and a tentative pack out date for next week!!

So lots going on and I am so glad to see things getting done!! By the time we get to our 30 day countdown we will be with out most of our personal possessions, have probably a couple rooms cleaned and ready for move out!! Time is flying, can't wait to get to Texas and start exploring!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Arellanos

So I think it was either Thursday or Friday evening I was looking at the stats on this blog when I looked at the all time views section!! And I was sitting at 19,989, I had just posted a new blog and wanted to stay up all night to see it hit 20,000 views!! It really isn't that many considering I have been writing this blog for 5 years, but in the last few months I have seen such a big increase of views and I appreciate you guys for all coming back, and reading. I know as of lately it has been mostly family stuff, and I am working on a new list of blogs here and there that may be more interesting for you!! This big move has just been the main thing on my brain lately!! So thanks again for coming back and reading!!

Now onto the point of this blog!! This photo shoot was very last min, but I was so happy to do it for them! As I know announcing your pregnancy to friends and family is always a big deal!! And very exciting when you aren't near by and it's a total surprise!! Here are my favorites!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The one when we finally got orders

You read that right....orders finally. Means my 40 day update is gonna be a lot more interesting, or so I think.

This week leading up to it wasn't very entertaining...just a lot of hanging at the house, a little outdoor playtime, and a lot of sorting and cleaning so when we finally set a date for the movers we would be ready...half the house is prepped.

So the only real exciting things to talk about is we went to the German park down the street on Wednesday, Kyra loves that park because it has a huge sand pit. Unfortunately we don't have any sand toys. But when we got there, there was a little girl only a bit older than her already there playing!! And after a little translating by her Oma they were busy building sand castles together!! And later climbing on toys together, and litterally climbing on each other. It's funny how at that age they have no sense of like a bubble, but it makes for quite the entertainment!!

Than Thursday daddy was chasing down our orders and making sure we got them by Friday. So was home early. So we got to all go sit on the sidewalk in the sun and play with chalk for a little while :)

And Friday well not my favorite day this week. I woke up and was in a super good mood, left the house kid free and really feeling empty handed, to go to the dr. I had a quick check up and was sent to the lab for blood work and the pharmacy for a prescription. I waited maybe 5-10 mins at the lab which is to be expected. But than proceeded to wait over an hour at the pharmacy for something that should have been prepackaged and everything. The pharmacist said the dr hasn't put it in yet, so I was patient for an hour. But reached a point that I couldn't leave Darren at home so close to nap without being able to be fed. So I was going to be courteous and tell the lady I had to go and would come back later. But she was no where to be found, just to see her on my way out chit chatting with a friend in the hallway...not that my time means anything. So needless to say I went home empty handed, hopefully Dustin can pick it up Monday. But I didn't come home to the great news that we finally after weeks and weeks of waiting we had orders. Man the army is really good at making people wait for things!! You'd think by now I'd have an exceptional tolerance and patience. But I don't.

Finally it was the weekend and boy was I ever thankful for that!! And we had lots on our to do list to get crossed off this weekend!! So we started out pretty early Saturday with a trip to Frankfurt to once again try and pick up our car key. Just to be turned away with an appointment for Wednesday to try many times we will drive there and home unnessesarraly due to the fact they fail to communicate with us over the phone. Thanks Honda!!! And than on our way home swung by the grocery store for a few extra items before our little BBQ with friends!!  Which was so much fun, and a well needed break from thinking about the move.

Sunday we didn't have much but pcs prep stuff to do. So we took a quick trip to base to check out the Spring Bazaar, and pick up a few German things before we move away!