Saturday, April 11, 2015

The one with the witch festival

So this week was pretty uneventful also. I know I know, but we are really just stuck at a hurry up and wait point in our life.

Monday: I had a couple friends ask me to do their pictures, I had said back in March I was only going to do 4 more before the move, and in not having planned to do more I allowed a friend of ours to borrow my camera for this really huge opportunity he had for a magazine article, because his was in the shop! Being a generous person, hoping someone would help me out if I was ever in the same situation! Than I had them ask, luckily Julie has a DSLR and let me shoot with it. It wa a canon and was different to learn a whole new format of camera, but even tho there was a learning curve I am proud of the pictures I managed to take! And it was an interesting lesson in the differences!!

Tuesday: was just hang out time with my loves!! And Dustin swung by to take Shade to the vet for her shots to be ready for the move!!

Wednesday: I had plans to go to the entertainment center to support a friend who had been asked to cover up when nursing her son there the day before. We were all going to go and nurse there together. And I was so bummed I missed out, but Darren was cranky all morning and wound up falling asleep for his long nap early, and I got to cleaning the house and before I knew it when I went to check the time we had already missed the bus over :( which is unfortunate but it sounds like they had a great turnout!!

Thursday: We returned to Frankfurt just like last week with the thought we'd be headed home with a new key. Get there, wait for some guy to come out and talk to us, just to have him tell us that it's an American spec vehicle (duh you saw that last week when you grabbed our vin number) so the company who does american keys takes longer to get back and they will have it next week. He went on to say he would have just called and saved the trip but didn't have our contact number.....which they had never asked for. After we got back from frankfurt Dustin headed off to do an over night shift and I had Eva over for dinner!! We made some homemade pizzas, and yonanas ice cream!! It was nice to hang out and chat!!

Friday: Dustin had the day off but slept all day to catch up on sleep from the night before. Than we got some groceries! We did pretty much nothing at all.

Saturday: We met up with Jennifer, her family, and Eva and went to the Hexenmarkt in Idstein!! It was so much fun and of course we all stuffed our faces with food and enjoy the handmade items and fantastic costumes!!! Dustin found and bought me that awesome journal above!! I will be doing a whole blog dedicated to it as I usually do with our travels!!

Sunday: another uneventful day, we took Kyra to the park to play, take pictures, and to get some sunshine!! And than spent the rest of the day picking up the house and just relaxing!! Blog post sometime next week with her 3 year old pictures!!

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