Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kyra's 3rd birthday celebration and pictures!!

I hate when birthdays land on the middle of the week. It is hard to do any real celebrating with dad at work all day!! But we tried our hardest to make the day special for Kyra anyways!! And extended the fun into the weekend!!

Kyra woke up to a balloon surprise, not quite as many balloons this year, but this year we had balloons that say Johannes which is pretty stinking cool!!

Than we took a walk in the sunshine down into town to grab some stuff for dinner, and GUMMY bears for the birthday girl!

Than after a day of playing and stuff with mom, daddy came home!! And he brought cake!!!

Upon request of the birthday girl we had a family dance party!!

Than it was time for dinner and cake. Kyra was so excited to blow out candles she had been talking about it all week!!

Than due to the big move coming up we decided to only buy a few small gifts this year so they didn't just get packed up with the movers!! Just things that would fit in her carry on!!

Than so she could have more fun with daddy we planned a day at a local pool!! And actually remembered the waterproof camera so we have so many fun pictures!! Tomorrow we are off to another little German town!!

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