Thursday, April 2, 2015

Prepping for the move: 60 days to go!

Holy moly would you believe it another ten days has passed!! And wouldn't you know it, we are still orders less...jeez. We also didn't get to do the kids garage sale as it was canceled due to lack of interest. So now we have a pile of stuff to sell in the basement...hopefully this evening I'll get some time to run downstairs and organize for pictures and get some stuff gone. Gonna be very generous with prices just to see things go!!

So since there is literally nothing that can be done until we have orders I guess I will tell you about a couple fun ways we are counting down our last 60 days!! Everyday in April I will be doing a status a day about why I will miss Germany, a friend of mine did this when she was counting down and I liked it. And in May we will do the things we are excited about for moving to Texas. And I will post the full lists at the end of each months on the blog!!

Also trying to talk to Kyra and help her understand the move as much as possible since she has lived here her whole life!! Her and I made a countdown paper chain and starting tomorrow will remove a circle and talk about what is happening in just 60 days. As we get dates for movers and stuff that will be hard for her to understand we will count how many circles we have to take down until those dates too!!

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