Monday, March 30, 2015

Working out like a beast: 1 month

So a month has passed, and I have to admit I didn't stay working out as frequent as I wanted to, but for the largest part of the month we have eaten at home and eaten very healthy!! We obviously have had our moments where we cheated but I feel like we have made a lifestyle change.

Here is my 1 month photo results:

And here is the new inch measurements: 

Belly: 40inches starting; 38 inches currently
I lost 2 inches here and I think that is obvious.

Butt:43.5 inches starting; 42.5 inches currently
1 inch off here think I need to do more squats lol

Thighs:23.5 inches starting; 23 inches currently
Half inch not huge but still progress!! 

After one month down a total of 3.5 inches that's pretty awesome!!

I can't wait to keep up with it and hopefully as I adjust more to the kids schedule, and the weather gets warmer that I will become more active and make even more progress towards the muscles I am trying to achieve!!

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  1. What workout are you following? You can definitely see progress!!! Go you!