Sunday, March 29, 2015

Resolution Progress 2015: 3 months!

Give Birth to a Happy Healthy baby Boy: Mission accomplished!!!!

Blog 3x a week: So far I have been doing good with this one :D and have actually been posting on most days!!

Get back in Shape: Weight is still not my goal, but my core is getting back to normal again which is nice!!

Move and settle into Texas: 8 weeks away still.

Do 24 shoots: I have done 4 this year already!! Which is way less than normal. But I do think I will be able to accomplish the last 20 before the end of the year.

Have a substantial Savings by December.

52 week Challenge: I haven't managed to keep up with it EVERY week, but I have gotten quite a few of them done.

Get organized and declutter:  We have managed to declutter a few areas of the house, and sell somethings. I know I am procrastinating on making anymore progress here until we have orders, and until we are almost out of the house...can't put it off too much longer.

Memory Jar: I think we tend to forget to do this far more often than we want to. We do have a few slips in there tho :D

I love my resolutions this year, even though they are not very detailed or really ways to show progress, but I do have to say with 3 months passed already this year, I feel like we are having a great year and can't wait for this big move that is all I think about and talk about like nonstop.

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