Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Koln, Germany 2015

If you may have noticed we have been to Koln before, how many times has been debated haha I think it was only twice Dustin swears it was more than that!! Either way it's one of our favorite cities in Germany so we had to bring Darren there at least once before we move!! However he slept through the whole trip, the kid loves being in the carrier just as much as his sister always did!!

We got up and filled up the car, grabbed a few junk food type snacks (last day to before we started working out and really watching our intake) and we were on the road. Once we hit the autobahn our day became an adventure! We enjoy reading license plates and trying to figure out which country and what city each person is from, but quickly we began to notice an excessive amount of vehicles from Netherlands. And by excessive I am talking a 2:1 ratio of them to those who weren't from NL. Which is bizzare, yes we were on the road headed to NL, but that is a lot of Dutch!! I am talking the rest stops were full of them etc... Anyways this was really freaking us out!! But no worries we looked it up and turns out last week was a big vacation week in Netherlands so everyone appearantly heads to Austria for some winter activities before spring comes!! 

We also managed to come along yet another adventure on the way there. Here we are cruising right along making good time, excited to get to Koln and find somewhere yummy to eat lunch!! When traffic comes to a complete stop. For like 30 mins. People were all out of their cars walking around, stretching and taking selfies with the traffic jam in the background!! Haha and we sit in the car with two kids! Kyra who has learned to travel really well enjoyed looking at all the cars, and the news helicopter. Darren however who was on his first slightly long drive was not thrilled. So we got to experience a first. Breastfeeding on the Autobahn. Wonder how many people can say they did that? Than out of the blue all the cars started moving and within like 2 mins the miles and miles of traffic had completely cleared with no signs it had ever happened, and no appearantly reason as to why it had. Gotta love Germans and their ability to fix a problem with speed.

Would you believe it if I said we had yet another thrilling situation on our drive. Haha turns out our drive was more entertaining than most the trip lol. We are finally almost to Koln, and wait, the Zentrum exit is closed...and the next exit after it will be out of town...go figure. If you don't already know, we pride ourselves in the fact we have gone over three years just traveling with directions and more often than not just by reading signs. So lucky is got to navigate with just a sense of direction and looking for landmarks through town to find a parking garage close to the Dom.

So along with traffic, potty stops, and detours we finally made it to Koln for a late lunch. We went into a noodle bar right next to the Dom I got yummy pasta, Dustin had steak, and Kyra got chicken nuggets and fries.

Than we went and braved the chilly wind to enjoy the views of the Dom have I mentioned how beautiful this place is. It really is something you should see, the size will blow your mind.
This trip we decided to go adventure a little farther away as we always end up just hanging around the Dom before heading home, but I wanted to go see the other pretty church and the Rathaus while we were there and to enjoy a little walk down the river!!

Dustin got down on the ground for these pictures!! They turned out really cute!!

Than after walking around and enjoying the sunshine we headed back to the car and the MUCH shorter drive home, aside from a couple potty breaks! Kyra stayed dry the entire day, that is a first when it comes to being on road trips. She is growing up so quick, now if only we could get her to poo in he toilet and stay dry over night we could be officially ready to only wear panties...we will get there tho we still have a few more months before we try to put her in school next fall in Texas.

Rathaus (City Hall)

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