Thursday, March 26, 2015

The one with Kyra's birthday

OBoy was this week, a test to my patience. With 3 year oldness appearantly come back talking, and the inability to listen. Although we had some fun moments there was probably 2xs as many stressful ones.

Monday: We just hung out around the house and did a lot of dancing!! Even Shade got in on the fun with her pretty tutu that Grandma sent her!! And of course the usual cleaning that has to happen after the weekend!

Tuesday: This was the day I had too much. We really didn't do anything all day but Kyra was feisty, and Darren was just not in a good mood. I felt like I spent the entire day constantly telling her no, and putting her in time out with out her listening to a word I said. I knew I was letting it stress me out but I couldn't seem to calm my nerves. Around 630 Darren was screaming and walking, feeding, changing a diaper etc wasn't helping. And since I was paying so much attention Kyra started screaming as loud as she could. I couldn't take it and started crying too!! Needless to say it was a rough night and I went to bed when Dustin got home.

Wednesday: Kyras birthday, I can't believe she is 3 it went fast. I am sure everyone says that but it really has!! She is such a smart little stinker!! I am plannin on doing another short blog about the fun stuff we did to celebrate her birthday!!  Along with the 3 year old pictures I am taking of her.

Thursday: We had a chill day Thursday for the most part. We did have to take Kyra to her 3 year old dr appointment. Where we found out she is of sound health. She is somewhere in the 50's for weight and 27% for height so a shorty, but has grown properly since last year!! Than after a minor meltdown in the clinic we were home until we were to pick up Dustin. But due to a miscommunication after telling him Kyra woke up with an ear ache, he ended up getting a ride home while we were on base trying to find him. Fun stuff right here. Luckly whatever was hurting Kyra stopped and although her and Darren both have colds, which are spreading to Dustin and I, she is feeling better.

Friday: Nothing of any interest happened on Friday. Dustin got home early and we ran to base to grab the mail, but that was all.

Saturday: We took Kyra to this really cool pool we found in Frankfurt that has a wave pools, slides, and a lazy river!! It was cheap not crowded and super cool. Unfortunately it was also cold, so we didn't get to play in all the fun places becaus poor Darren wouldn't have done well!! But they had a really cool kids room too and Kyra had a blast!!! We had the water camera but left it in the bag in the locker :(

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