Monday, March 23, 2015

The one with my Birthday!!

So I have decided this week I am going to write my blog as if go because come Sunday when I go to write it I feel like the beginning of the week is all just a blur. I try to use my calender, facebook posts, and pictures on the iPad to remember what we did but can hardly remember so this way you'll get more exciting story of our week!!

Monday: Dustin had the day off, and we originally planned to go on another adventure somewhere. But Sunday night we had listed some things to sell online and so instead we spent the day waiting for people to pick things up. And than hit up the store for a pie for Dustin to take to a work thing. Of course as what always seems to happen we got what we needed and left with a few other things too, however not too much more. I just fed my tea addiction a little! Than we took Kyra to the park to enjoy the sunshine!! Not a very eventful day but we enjoyed some nice family time!!

Darren's first St Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday: We started out dressed all in green, and Kyra enjoyed some green milk with her cereal!! Had a great morning, even managed to get most the house picked back up after the long weekend. Than after nap Jenn came back over to chat for a while. Always an nice way to spend my afternoon!! It was after she left that the kids turned into monsters. Haha okay not really they are both sweet but both had poopy messes for me to clean up! I survived tho and well seeing as my white shirt remained white!! Today it became very appearantly that Darren was starting his second leap week. Which means more nursing, more needy, less sound naps etc. He is learning about patterns this time, and also learning how to control his body, both of which are very stressful and exciting for him!

Wednesday: Woke up early and got the omelet roll up I had been wanting to try made for Brunch for MOPS. Got everyone dressed and ready to go, than we headed to MOPS! I love going to MOPS it always makes me feel like an adult!! I can't wait to join the MOPS group in Texas as a way to meet women of like mind, even tho I have to pay for it there. After MOPS we came home to have some sandwiches for lunch, and take naps. In the afternoon we headed to a little work BBQ. Kyra had a great time with the other kids running around, and we headed home for bed. Oh did I mention it was my birthday.

Thursday: We had a relaxed morning. And mommy got to do her makeup and feel pretty!! Than we headed downtown for my 6 weeks appointment (really 8 weeks tho) but everything is healed great!! We swung into Vapianos for a delicious lunch than it was home again home again for naps!!! They were later in the day and we managed to sleep until 5 at night guess everyone was worn out from the activity downtown.

Friday: Finally home for another lazy day. Everyone got to hang out and play all morning. And my happy little boy finally giggled at mommy!! It was so sweet. Than naptime came at the usual time and chores got caught up on from the busy week!! Just lots of chilling out, before I have a super busy weekend with photo-shoots and other things going on!!

Saturday: After 3 weeks of eating entirely clean, and behaving well. We decided since it's the weekend between Kyra and I's Birthday, the start of another month of extra pt for Dustin, and just cuz we needed the break, that we would take this weekend and eat what we want! But starting Monday we will be right back to working out and eating clean!! Hard not to when that's all you buy and put in your refrigerator! Had a fun photoshoot that ended up mostly walking and talking with Melanie!! Got crepes, and fresh juice at the Easter market, and went grocery shopping in German Stores!

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