Sunday, March 8, 2015

The one with MOPS and two photoshoots!!

Well I am glad that I am managing to keep up with these blogs even tho there isn't a ton of interest. This week was boring too!!

We spent most the week just sitting around the house cleaning, or running errands when Dustin was home. It wasn't anything to write home about!! We did start the working out and eating healthy healthy foods. And I am really proud to say I haven't cheated all week!! For some reason this time around it doesn't seem as difficult to stay on my diet which makes me really happy!! 

The only two days we did something was Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday: We headed to MOPS!! It had been since before Darren arrived that we had gone, and I really missed socializing with all the lovely ladies I have met there!! And Kyra was so excited about playing with her friends again!! So much so she didn't want to leave when it was time. And I excitingly got to finally meet my friend Kelsey's new baby boy, she had him almost a month before I had Darren, and sadly Darren is bigger than him already lol!! But he is so cute and looks so much like his big sister!!

Also Wednesday right after we got home, Jennifer came over. We used to see her all the time, but she has been working a lot and I haven't been very social because getting out of the house with two kids is a lot of work. Once you are out it doesn't seem nearly as bad but the getting out is something else. So it was also the first time she had met Darren!! She hung out for most the afternoon, and later on Eva came by, I hadn't seen her since I stole her bowl from Halloween Bunco. So it was great to finally have friends over and litterally had adult conversation from 9-6 that day!! I felt more like myself than I had in weeks!!

Friday: Morning was ever so uneventful we just laid around and watched the new movie we got, Big Hero 6 which Kyra really likes!! But after nap we met up with Jennifer and her kids and walked down to the Farmers Market. The Bierstadt one is tiny compared to the one downtown but we always love going they are so friendly, and Kyra always gets an apple for €.20 or in the case of this time Free!! We snagged lots of goodies for us too, including bread, cheese and olives!! 

buying cheese :D

Kyra and her free apple

Warming up little apple juice hands!!

Than on the walk home we swung into a local park to let Kyra play!! She was so excited she had been asking all the time lately!!

Than this weekend I had two photoshoots!! It was really nice to be out of the house alone for an hour each day. Something I haven't done in over 6 weeks. The pictures turned out great, I'm sure you have seen a couple on my photography page, if not there will be blogs about them soon!! 

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