Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BodyRock for summer!!!

Well for more reasons than one Dustin and I need to start getting our selves in shape!! We have a couple goals in mind: 1- weight-loss, 2-tone up (swimsuit bodies), 3- get fit!!(German ruck march he wants us to do in July walk 100 miles in 4 days.) 

A friend of mine showed me this site that posts new workout videos daily for free, so we are going to do their 30 days of may workout series! And Dustin is going to do PT at work too. Plus eat healthy, have active weekends, and drink only juice water and milk!!

We will blog often about our progress, and of course about Kyra too!!  Who is sleeping in my arms as I type, and enjoys all our walks on the weekends, like the zoo this weekend, that was built in a valley, carrying/pushing a baby up steep hills is fun!! She slept through most of it tho, still a little too young but we enjoyed it!

My max out in 50 seconds:

squats: 31

box pushups: 28

triceps dips: 23

abs:  47

weight: 165