Saturday, February 28, 2015

Starting to workout

Hey guys welcome back. I hope the like 15 of you who regularly read my blogs have been enjoying all the blogs I have been writing. Somehow now that I am busier I have learned better time management, funny how that works!! Anyways at the beginning of every month I sit down with my planner on the monthly page and write down everything we have planned and on the notes section I write out what blogs I want to write than look at my calender and schedule my blogs!! So I know exactly what and when I am going to write!! This year I have been trying to do a few different blogs on a more regular bases so you know when to expect them. Of course seeing as my blog writing time usually occurs during times both kids are asleep they may get missed occasionally. But I try not to miss them as its my time to just write and relax, it also helps me keep my mind busy and organized, if that makes any sense.

Haha probably doesn't seeing as this blog was supposed to be about starting to workout again and I haven't even mentioned it once in the first paragraph!!

But now I will. So starting in March, which I can't believe is this weekend boy is time flying by,I am going to start working on getting back in shape. In order to do that I will have to start scheduling my workouts into my busy days. But I am so ready to, because it gives me more energy and makes me feel healthier over all. Dustin and I have already started cooking healthier meals so this is just another step.

For now I am still going to be taking it rather easy. In March I have two workout calendars I am going to try to follow every day along with going on 20-30 min walks with Dustin and The kids on the weekends. The first calender is withe beginner calender from Blogilates which I will be doing before bedtime once at least Kyra is asleep. It is a lot less difficult than the regular Blogilates workouts were that I used to do, but I expect to see progress!! And the other workout is a really quick HIIT workout calender from BodyRockTV. I am just going to try to squeeze that in sometime during the day when little man is happy and not expecting to be held!! I am so excited to start being more active again.

Belly: 40

Stay tuned at the end of March I will post a progress picture!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Delirium trilogy review

So my constant reading has continued!! This doesn't come as a surprise, as I spend a lot of time at night nursing, and I am okay with that!! So while we are up I just pick up my tablet and read a couple chapters! And when the books are easy reads like these I finish them really quickly!! This series although slightly similar to other ones I have read was very interesting take on a futuristic/post apocalyptic type story line. Although the Deleria that "takes over" isn't what causes the state of the world so much as how "the cured" people choose to run the world afterwards that creates the world they now know.

There are three books to the main portion of this series that follow the story of Lena, a teenager who is coming of age. But the meaning of that in this series is oh so different as her whole life is about to change and be decided for her. The story is really good and I would recommend anyone picking it up. It was written by Lauren Oliver who also wrote Before I Fall that I wrote about in my last book review!! Along with this series she also wrote three tag along books that follow three different characters who catch the delirium and their stories. Unfortunately Oyster only had 2 of them which obviously I read too!! They were just short stories and each only took me like 2 hours total to read but were written the same format as the original 3 so were really good to read. Hopefully the third will later be added to Oyster so I can pick it up!! If you are keeping count that is now officially 9 books by the end of February. 

I have already started another book and have a whole list of To Read books on that app so many more reviews are to come!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I love this picture of Kyra, she didn't know I had snuck around behind the house she was playing in and I was able to take a zoomed in picture of her focused on playing!! I love how close up it is and that you can see all the details!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Darren is already 1 month

Nicknames: Dare, Bubba, Buddy

Clothing Size: 3-6 months

Personality: you are such a quiet little guy, mostly just hang out and watch faces or sleep. Only get mad when you think you are hungry, which is like always!!

Things I Could Do Without: you eating for like 2 mins than falling asleep and being hungry again just 5 mins later, it wears me out and ties me down to the table having to nurse constantly, but I'm sure you will get into a more routine nursing schedule soon!!

Item/Toy We Love The Most: the Boppy Lounger! It's nice to have a place for you to hang out!!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: not really interested in toys yet.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now:  I am loving your little smiles, and watching you get stronger everyday as you are able to hold your head up longer and longer!!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: being cuddled and watching Kyra play!

I can't believe your first month is already have grown so much already and getting stronger everyday!! Can't wait to get to know your personality more and more each day!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lifestyle {52 WEEKS CHALLENGE}

I took this picture and although it isn't the cleanest background or the most perfectly taken picture it illustrates what Lifestyle photography means to me!! Pictures that you will cherish for years to come because they show life as it really is!

The one with Valentines Day and Fasching!

So these last two weeks have consisted of fevers, coughing and migraines. If it's not one person it's another not feeling well. I really thought with Fasching and Valentine's Day and my first week at home alone with both kids I would have a lot more to talk about. But most of the time consisted of comforting Kyra, nursing Darren and trying to keep my sanity from Migraine after Migraine.

We did have a few fun events we went on a big grocery shopping trip and started clean eating, or at least eating mostly cleaner, it is going to take some work to reach that full time. 

We also got Kyra dressed up twice and took her to Fasching events! The parades are always fun, and Darren didn't even mind the loud drums or anything!!

Kyra and I dressed up for Fasching!!

Kyra's fasching goodies

And of course there was Valentine's Day!! Dustin got Kyra and I both flowers a couple days early when we were both sick! And got Kyra and Darren each a toy too!!  We felt so loved!!

Than this last week was pretty uneventful we spent the first half at home still recovering from the germs!!

Darren had his first bath!

Than Thursday Darren and I went to an FRG event our first social outing alone!! It was pretty relaxing and nice to be around other adults!

And than we were blessed by one of Dustin's coworkers who decided to throw us a welcome to the world party for Darren and it was nice to introduce Darren to everyone Dustin works with!! Can't believe Darren is 4 weeks old and this coming week he will already be a month, it's going so much faster with him!!

And this weekend we just hung out around the house cleaning and crossing things off our to-do list and while Daddy and Darren kept napping Kyra and I hit up the park, but it wasn't as warm as it said it was out there so we only stayed out for a few mins as I hadn't put her winter coat on and it was cold!!