Monday, February 9, 2015

Darren Wilhelm: A Birth Story

Darren was born on January 23rd at 0832. He weighted in, at a week early, at 11 lbs and 21.25 inches long. We had know since about 25 weeks he was going to be a really big boy. And he managed to beat his sister's size by a few ounces. Although she was quite a bit longer.

I decided to write a quick birth story even though I feel like it was far more eventful this go around than it was with Kyra.

So the whole process started on the 22nd. We came in that morning to talk to the anesthesiologist and the doctor who would be performing the c-section. It was a really simple appointment with the usual waiting involved, from our experience, with the German healthcare system. They did my blood work asked lost of family history questions to make sure I was healthy enough to receive and spinal block for surgery, and made sure I understood the risks a Caesarean section surgery could involve. Of course all prior knowledge we had obtained from the previous one.

Than it was game day. on the 23rd we arrived at the hospital, where they put me on the monitor and and Dustin and I tried our hardest to simply relax, even tho we were very excited to meet Darren. I was actually surprised by how close we probably already were to having him as we watched frequent pretty strong contractions show up. The next step was by far one of the most uncomfortable ones, the catheter. Last time I was already numb when we did that, this time not the case so that was fun. Than I had to sit there for another 30 mins with that awkward thing in there. Than finally in a rush of movement it was go time. Dustin was informed it was time to put on his gear and mom was wheeled away into the surgery room to get my epidural done. Okay, I have to admit this was the ONE thing I was most anxious about. I know that it only takes a matter of a millimeter and a lot of damage could be done. I really wish it was something Dustin would have been there to hold my hand through but instead you lean forward, have your head shoved into your chest by some nurse in order to make sure you don't move a muscle and get to feel the painful and really awkward spinal block being shoved into your back. It is scary not something I will try to play off. But than within 2 mins or less you literally can't feel anything from your stomach down.

Finally Dustin's face showed back up beside the bed as they were putting up the curtain aka my gown pinned to a pole. Just like last time it was so weird feeling every movement of the doctor as he cut through layers of my body. But it was so sweet to finally hear that little boy cry out as he emerged into our world for the first time. The best part of Germany is they automatically show him to me, only do the tiniest cleaning and than he stays with me in the operating room on my chest until they go to wheel me out. Unfortunately they wasn't entirely the case as Dustin had to take him and hold him once because while sewing me up I seriously felt like I was going to hurl!! 

Back in the room we had started in I was able to do lots more cuddling and Darren nursed for the first time. He latched right on and hasn't had an issue since. He is so good at breastfeeding, also doesn't hurt that I know what I am doing this time now too!! Not too much later, after I had fully gained feeling back in my legs, we were all moved into the room we would spend the weekend in. My experience with the recovery and the nurses this pregnancy was so incredibly different. I was up and walking later that afternoon. And had the catheter out in no time! It was painful at first but I knew this time that it really is important to get up and be mobile as soon as possible after surgery it really does help you recover faster!! Also being able to speak more German and understanding the culture more than we did last time made the whole experience so much more comfortable. I even enjoyed walking the nursery halls and having meals in the cafeteria!

I am so blessed to have given birth to both of my kids in the same hospital and they were both born healthy and happy kids! And the best part is they adore each other, at least right now they do....

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