Saturday, February 21, 2015

The one with Valentines Day and Fasching!

So these last two weeks have consisted of fevers, coughing and migraines. If it's not one person it's another not feeling well. I really thought with Fasching and Valentine's Day and my first week at home alone with both kids I would have a lot more to talk about. But most of the time consisted of comforting Kyra, nursing Darren and trying to keep my sanity from Migraine after Migraine.

We did have a few fun events we went on a big grocery shopping trip and started clean eating, or at least eating mostly cleaner, it is going to take some work to reach that full time. 

We also got Kyra dressed up twice and took her to Fasching events! The parades are always fun, and Darren didn't even mind the loud drums or anything!!

Kyra and I dressed up for Fasching!!

Kyra's fasching goodies

And of course there was Valentine's Day!! Dustin got Kyra and I both flowers a couple days early when we were both sick! And got Kyra and Darren each a toy too!!  We felt so loved!!

Than this last week was pretty uneventful we spent the first half at home still recovering from the germs!!

Darren had his first bath!

Than Thursday Darren and I went to an FRG event our first social outing alone!! It was pretty relaxing and nice to be around other adults!

And than we were blessed by one of Dustin's coworkers who decided to throw us a welcome to the world party for Darren and it was nice to introduce Darren to everyone Dustin works with!! Can't believe Darren is 4 weeks old and this coming week he will already be a month, it's going so much faster with him!!

And this weekend we just hung out around the house cleaning and crossing things off our to-do list and while Daddy and Darren kept napping Kyra and I hit up the park, but it wasn't as warm as it said it was out there so we only stayed out for a few mins as I hadn't put her winter coat on and it was cold!!

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