Saturday, February 28, 2015

Starting to workout

Hey guys welcome back. I hope the like 15 of you who regularly read my blogs have been enjoying all the blogs I have been writing. Somehow now that I am busier I have learned better time management, funny how that works!! Anyways at the beginning of every month I sit down with my planner on the monthly page and write down everything we have planned and on the notes section I write out what blogs I want to write than look at my calender and schedule my blogs!! So I know exactly what and when I am going to write!! This year I have been trying to do a few different blogs on a more regular bases so you know when to expect them. Of course seeing as my blog writing time usually occurs during times both kids are asleep they may get missed occasionally. But I try not to miss them as its my time to just write and relax, it also helps me keep my mind busy and organized, if that makes any sense.

Haha probably doesn't seeing as this blog was supposed to be about starting to workout again and I haven't even mentioned it once in the first paragraph!!

But now I will. So starting in March, which I can't believe is this weekend boy is time flying by,I am going to start working on getting back in shape. In order to do that I will have to start scheduling my workouts into my busy days. But I am so ready to, because it gives me more energy and makes me feel healthier over all. Dustin and I have already started cooking healthier meals so this is just another step.

For now I am still going to be taking it rather easy. In March I have two workout calendars I am going to try to follow every day along with going on 20-30 min walks with Dustin and The kids on the weekends. The first calender is withe beginner calender from Blogilates which I will be doing before bedtime once at least Kyra is asleep. It is a lot less difficult than the regular Blogilates workouts were that I used to do, but I expect to see progress!! And the other workout is a really quick HIIT workout calender from BodyRockTV. I am just going to try to squeeze that in sometime during the day when little man is happy and not expecting to be held!! I am so excited to start being more active again.

Belly: 40

Stay tuned at the end of March I will post a progress picture!!

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