Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting back on track

Alright I know I have all but fallen off the planet as far as the blog goes this past couple weeks. And for that I am sorry. Turns out adjusting to having two kids, along with recovering from major abdominal surgery is a pretty big deal. Even on days when I feel like I am doing better come bed time I am worn out. But no worries we are slowly getting a routine figured out and should totally be good to go by the time Dustin is back to work.

So tonight I am writing to say I am back on the blog and I have lots of things to post...I am actually planning on sitting down with my planner and deciding what all exactly I wanna write about. I love blogging it makes me feel so connected and helps me put all the crazy in my head down on "paper".

Things you can look forward to reading about soon:

52 week challenge pictures
How I am getting my house organized
Darren's birth story and LOTS of pictures
Our new schedule
Valentine's pictures of my adorable kids
Valentine's craft time with Kyra!!
Starting our pcs madness
And back to weekly updates on our life!!

So I hope that makes you very excited I know I am very excited to write them all. Now to just get the time away from the littles to write them. Alright I am off to relax now that both kids are sleeping..30 mins til my bed time!!

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