Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Darren is 6 months old!!

Nicknames: Bumbles, Bubba, Monster

Clothing Size: Going to be changing out the closet to 18 months next week.

Personality: oh Darren Darren Darren!! You are my little mamas boy!! Such a ham, and the cutest little boy in the whole world. You are madly in love with daddy and Kyra and can't get enough of watching everything they are up to! I love every second with you, you are just so happy all the time.

Things I Could Do Without: Hair pulling, and pinching when you are nursing. You are kind of a monster.

Item/Toy We Love The Most: the bouncer thing, and you being in he big kid car seat now!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: anything that isn't meant to be played with. Paper, kyras toys, moms pens.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: your cheeses smiles every morning, and your sloppy kisses!!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: playing on the floor and trying really hard to crawl!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planner update!

So it's been a couple weeks since I did an update!!! I want to show my past three weekly spreads!! They have been kinda hit and miss but I am learning the whole decorating bit still.

I am pretty much obsessed with the Pirates one I enjoyed looking at it all week last week! This week just didn't turn out how I was picturing it, but alas it's just one week and it's not the end of the world. One more week of generally blue and red themed stickers then I am going to do mostly pink and green for August and I have a few stickers coming to go with that!!!

In the past couple weeks I got a few more stickers from etsy.

And I got this super cute sticker book from Michels they have more in other Michels but our Michels in Temple was a bit disappointing so may have to try again!!

So if you are enjoying seeing my planner stuff let me know!! I enjoy showing them off and decorating them, and would love to get some friends involved in the fun!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

The one with our first Brunch Play date!

Monday: Omgoodness talk abo a sleepless night, I was up until way too late just plain not being able to sleep. Then once I finally got to sleep can you guess who came waltzing into my room complaining about flies in her room. I swear nights I can't sleep she can't either, I don't know what is up with that!! So Monday started out a little rough as I really need to sleep more. Dustin worked a gate shift so was home at 1300 and so he was able to run a few errands while the kids and I cleaned up the house!! After dinner Dustin tried to build the table, which the movers were supposed to come back and do, and never did. But alas we don't have the right tools, so they will be getting a call. And brunch will be ate picnic style!! I powered through a quick weight lifting workout and slept a little better!!

Tuesday: we are hosting brunch today for a bunch of mommy friends, all the prep work is done now to get kids dressed and start cooking!! I'm excited for food!! So I had hoped to take pictures of the kids playing but just didn't think about it at the time!! I am so happy with the girls I already know here. We could have probably spent the entire day talking if I didn't have an eye appointment. And oddly enough we had 8 kids amongst us and they all feel in the same age frame. We had 2 eight month boys, 2 18-24 month boys, 2 three year old girls, and 2 4-5 year old girls!! It worked out perfect they each had someone the same age and gender to play with!! And I was utterly shocked with how little mess was made having 8 kids under 6 in my house at once!! I can't even wait for the next play date!! But alas I had to cut it short so I could go get my eyes checked for the first time since I am pretty sure high school. Isn't that terrible? But after Darren I realized things had gone from not awesome, to pretty terrible and I should probably be wearing glasses all the time. So expect that after next Tuesday!! I almost felt like crying when once he had decided what my prescription was and he let me read the board with corrective lenses vs what I see now. It's depressing really. I have been straining my eyes and living with bad vision for sometime now!! I am excited to get my glasses back!! Also powered through an ab workout, and am really feeling my leg day workout!! Strangely also feeling it in my arms, which is unfortunate as tomorrow is another weight day only arms this time!!!

Wednesday: Dustin works midnight shift tonight so has the day off, which means we need to do errands. Well the main problem has been the Crv, for the longest time we couldn't afford the registration, but now since we have always lived so far away we need to take Dustin's dad off the registration in order to register it. So now we have to deal with POA and name change next time we move we won't have this problem!! So being put off to yet another date. Now we are off to Lunch, getting Kyra a shot so we can register her with Child Youth Services on post so she can play soccer, and ice cream after so she will do good with the shots. And then groceries to get us through until next pay day!! All the errands. At least once they are done we have a pretty chill rest of the week. Guess Kyra doesn't need a shot after all, just a physical according to the receptionist so next week we do that. Hopefully we can still get her registered for Soccer!

Thursday: It's Darren's half birthday!! I am having a hard time because as far as we have talked he should be our last baby, and he is quickly not being little anymore. But he is such a good baby I love hanging out with him and watching him grow!! Today he has been very clingy and cuddly so he is acting like more of a baby and I can't get enough of it....weird right? Haha well anyways, we played a lot this morning, and once Kyra gets up from her rare nap, we are gonna go to the mall and find the last things we need for his pictures this weekend!! They are gonna be too cute for words!! Hey btw anyone want to buy me a 50mm lens I am seriously lusting after one right now!!! We found all the props we were looking for, came home had a healthy meal, and now we are about to power through a HIIT workout together!! On top of my legs being sore, and my abs killing me!! No progress photos this time or counting inches. This time I am going to surprise you all with the results in the end!! Killing it!!! I wanna look BEAST!

Friday: Woo so glad it's the weekend, this week seemed really long and weird with Dustin working such odd shifts all week! Nothing going on today!! No intentions of going anywhere at all!! I can't wait for the Dr Who pictures and Jane's family pictures, they will be so fun to work with!! We did end up filming another video for YouTube so if you haven't already come find us Yohan Family and watch all our madness in action!! 

Saturday: We had an uneventful day, there was a Cotton Candy event thing going on at the park today, but after we did his pictures Darren passed out and didn't wake up in time to go! So we treated ourselves to Panera to have a healthy lunch to go with all our hard work we are putting in. Then decided to go check out the local Humane Society's around town. Not really looking quite yet, but thinking about at some point getting Shade a friend, but not really any prospects this time around. Then we came home and just spent the rest of the day hanging out!! The office is almost ready for my mom to get here!! I am so excited!!!! Did a super cardio workout tonight it was hard but fun!! Loving working out with Dustin!!! 

Sunday: I had a photoshoot this morning with one of my favorite families, and they had me smiling and laughing just as much as they were in the pictures, great way to start my morning!! I loved doing Elianas pictures over a year ago when she was first born, and she has really grown up!! Can't wait to do more pictures with them later this year!! Now time for some lunch and off on our usual treasure hunting adventure...only going to pick up a couple today so I can make a shorter video this week!! This is our last week before grandma gets here :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Heather's Family Pictures

A few weeks back I decided to enlist 4 people from my personal Facebook page who live here in town to come get family pictures done by me for free so I could test out some of the locations I had found for pictures!!! Heather was the first lovely family I worked with!

We went to Central Texas College and had a great time chasing ducks, and then hoping they didn't come back and chase us towards the end! She has two adorable older kids who were so much fun to take pictures of. Her son in specific denied liking having his picture taken, but was a ham and kept asking me to take more!! She also has the tiniest most precious little newborn daughter who is just around a month old.

The pictures turned out great and I can say this may be one of my favorite locations to work at!!!

The one we started working out together

Monday: okay so weekly blogs have been lacking pictures and I am sure you have noticed...,but my stinking iPad doesn't have much in the way of storage I'm talking I have the bare minimum in apps and stuff so I have more storage for pictures and videos cuZ I hate taking them off and not having them if I want them. But today is gonna be another IPad dump so I can take some new pictures during the weeks!! Monday is goin as, playing, basically just getting back to the weekly routine after we enjoyed our weekend!! This morning Dustin surprised me by doing a load of dishes!!! Our dishwasher was acting wierd so it was by hand so kind of a big that was awesome!! The mechanic came and doesn't see anything wrong with the dishwasher just recommended something to clean out the pipes in case, but said unless it appears to get worse to continue using it!! Spent a little bit editing and most the day uploading our YouTube video!!! It's longer than I expected so yay!!! Hope you guys like it!! They will get better as we learn more about editing!! Going to get a workout in, edit pictures, and sneak in a bath tonight I think!! Yup still didn't get the iPad cleared off maybe sometime tomorrow!

Tuesday: So I have no idea what happened last night I don't even remember going to bed. And at some point last night Kyra crawled in and slept with us...I know not when. I woke up and she was still there asleep...wierd guess I was just really tired!! This morning we met up with the girls at a splash pad and the kids had so much fun!! Yet somehow Darren and I were both more worn out than Kyra again!! Bedtime tonight will be glorious!! When Dustin gets home we are off to get groceries...bad idea with it being pay day and all but we are still trying to get back to a normal spending rate and are back to living almost pay check to pay check will get better as we get a handle on what money is expendable, and we are done buying things we need for the house!! Got edits to do tonight hopefully I will get most of them done tonight!!

Wednesday: We had a really super fun day today!! All morning was uneventful just daily chores and hanging out!! Darren made it all the way up onto his hands and knees I was so mom gets here in 19 days and I think his goal is to crawl before she gets here!! After a really big lunch, because Kyra thought she was starving all morning, we had Jaiden over while Julie went to her big Gender reveal appointment!!! She is having a boy!!! The kids played long and hard, and we're super worn out when he left. We decided we are going to do mostly baby led weaning with Darren like we did with Kyra, where we just offer them, soft small pieces and they learn to feed themselves and eat real food not pureees all that often. This week we are working on avacado and bananas, he loves them both....he got a couple bites of watermelon today tho too!! Both are out for the night with no fight!! What a great day!! Tomorrow we are just hanging out at home, and I am trying to get more things from the to do list done!! Because I wanna have most done before we enjoy our stay cation with my mom!!!

Thursday: Our relax day!! Got everything caught up and ready to go before a busy weekend!! Nothing else really happened, just me, the kids, and hanging out. It was family day on post meaning every Thursday Dustin gets home early :) we ran to Walmart for a couple things we needed!! Then came home for dinner and more relax time!! Talked him into a little walk after dinner then everyone was ready for bed!!

Friday and Saturday: we did litterally Nothing! Well I did something by myself. I went on a shoot and even picked up a cache while I was there that I noticed had been replaced!! Dustin pretty much spent the entire day playing video games.

Sunday: We spent the entire morning and afternoon geocaching!! To make another awesome video for you guys!! I plan to sit down this evening and edit it along with pictures from a session this evening. Thinking about packing sandwiches and bringing the kids so they can have some playtime at the park, even if Dustin isn't thrilled....which he isn't....too far from his precious Xbox!!! Have a fun, and calm week coming up!! Couple things to look forwards to.