Friday, July 3, 2015

Plum paper planner week 1

So as you may know I recently finished up my planner from Target, and was so excited to start using my plum paper one, it's such nice quality, the colors are beautiful, and I love that it is seperated between morning, afternoon, and evening! It really helps me keep up with what needs done when and to really see the days in a logical time frame.

And the fun thing is there is a huge group of girls who use this planner and the Erin Condrin one! Which is very similar! It has inspired me to make more of my planner than to just jot down random to dos and appointments. With the help of cute stickers it has done all that but been more organized, and also kind of a memory book I can keep and look back on in the future!!

This is how my first week turned out!! I did 4th of July colors and theme:

By the end of the week it's completely full and probably looks hectic but works for my crazy thoughts:

Also in the last couple weeks I have gotten some new stickers and supplies from dollar tree, dollar general, and target.

And had an order from iluvdesigns: 

I have lots of good ideas for these so don't be surprised if you see these in layouts coming up!! Including next weeks which I just decorated!! And can't wait to share with you next Friday!!

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