Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July in Texas 2015

As our first 4th of July in the good ole USA in the past 3 years I would say it was a pretty darn good one!!

We started out our morning at the big parade in Belton!! It was insane how many people went to this parade and somehow we were lucky enough to sit near a group who had laid claim to a pretty big chunk of sidewalk who allowed us with our littles to squeeze in under their shade to enjoy it. We had a good time for a little while, but Kyra was hot and just honor having fun so we dipped out half way to head back home to have lunch. 

On our way home we drove past Razoos, which is a very southern creole style restaurant. Something I have never experienced. And decided since its a holiday we could treat ourselves!! We started out with Rat Toes which are JalapeƱo poppers....and when the waitress said "oh, Ya want a little kick and spice eh" we should have maybe realized we were gonna get something spicy....and that it was. Dustin ordered Gumbo, and I got Tilapia with a cream type sauce that had shrimp in it. He really enjoyed his, but the flavors in the sauce are really not flavors I cook with nor are used to so it wasn't my favorite, but I would be willing to go back and try something else!

After lunch we headed home to get the house ready for our visit with Amber, Jeremy, and the kids!! Well second visit I should say. This one wasn't planned, but they decided on their way home they wanted to actually come to our house now that all our stuff was here, since she hasn't been to our house since we lived in Hawaii and had just gotten married. Big change in style and function now a days. 

The kids spent the evening running around and playing like crazies!! And it was great having time to just chat it up!! We all enjoyed some Texas BBQ and then went out front for fireworks. We had bought the kids some poppers, and sparklers. We didn't have a ton of success with them but both Jake and Kyra loved it while it lasted!! Then the big fireworks on post started going off...sadly we were not really able to see them well and the kids were tired and getting fussy so we called it a night.

On the way back to their hotel they drove past where they were shooting them off, and snapped a picture of them up close, guess we know better next year!!

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