Sunday, July 5, 2015

The one with the baseball game

Monday: It's game day! Neither of the kids have ever been to a baseball game...well any ball game now that I mention it!! So when we found out the game tonight is military appreciation night, and had $1 hot dogs and sodas we were all for it!! Unfortunately it starts at 7 so there is a good chance they will both be asleep by the time we get back!! We are all dressed for a baseball game or as good as we can get with our wardrobes that we are finding are very based off of European styles. Can't imagine why. But we are all prepared!! Had a big lunch so we won't be hungry until later!! I will have a whole blog solely about this experience out well before you read this one!!

Tuesday: After a super busy weekend and dishwasher out of commission at the time this morning presented me with a lovely sink full of dishes. As I approached it I realized there was a very unpleasant smell coming from the area. So as I start to dig out the dishes to organize my game plan there at the bottome on the sink was a pile of banana peels and rotting bananas that someone not to name names, left there and couldn't manage to shove into the garbage disposal!!! Yucky, luckly I only saw one fruit fly so we shouldn't have too much problem, so down the drain it all went along with a clementine to kill the smell!! I don't think today will be very exciting seeing as I will be spending the entire day either working, cuddling, or cleaning!! Finally time to really get a routine going in our new house!!

Wednesday: Oh yes it's already hump day, this week is flying past!! We had another cleaning day haha what am I kidding the main part of getting back on routine is cleaning until I only have a little but of cleaning to do each day so I never have to spend another day cleaning all day!! I finally got caught up on cleaning all the dishes after the move since i had to do it all by hand!! It took me most the day to get the last few loads done, but my kitchen is now clean!!! Also during the day I was able to sit down and get some more things done for my business and aside from sitting down and writing up some legal contract type things my website and business are almost ready to take on official clients, I am so anxious about it!! In the evening we had plenty of time to hang out, and had dinner while watching The Boxtrolls, which is super cute!! After the kids were in bed Dustin and I sat and filmed our first YouTube video haha it was hilarious to do. You should have seen it before you see this!!

Thursday: Well besides the normal everyday chores, we had a very laid back and chill day!! I edited and posted our first YouTube video which you probably were lucky enough to see by now!! Hope it didn't scare you from watching future ones lol!!! We got an Amazon order of Good Night Colorado and Hawaii after falling in love with Good Night Texas we decided we wanna collect all the places we go!! In the package we also grabbed a stuffed animal net to hang up tonight, so Kyra can finally have her bed back!! Ribs and Brocolli for dinner!! After dinner, I sat down and dedicated my evening to finishing my webpage!! It's done!!!

Friday: I don't really even wanna talk about Friday. It was stressful and made me grumpy. Basically Temple Social Security Administration Office has terrible service and they are rude. The only freaking person working there who did his damn job right was the security officer. But I'm just going to move on from it and never return. Let's just say we spent almost all the day there with 2 kids, and they skipped us, then when Dustin who is very patience finally got sick and tired of waiting when our number had been passed by 20 people and they still hadn't taken us to the back, they obviously realized the mistake had been made and we had indeed been skipped. And they immediately opened a window and called us (mind you at this point the office was almost entirely empty....not a single person was there that had been there when we arrived....) but not a single person admitted that a mistake had been made nor, apologized....fucking rude. Sorry for language!

Saturday: I had my first official session in Texas!! So exciting!!! It was so great to be back behind the camera and working with new clients!!! The pictures are adorable, so check out my facebook page if you want to see the previews!! Then we spent a pretty big chunk of the afternoon trying to find an office store, and ended up driving to Temple and doing Target and Michels while we were there :) Darren has been teething for a couple days has two teeth that are swollen so poor kid has been in a real mood!! And Kyra fell this evening and gave herself a black eye on my office chair....turns out mom and dad know what they are talking about when we tell her not to climb on things!! So dad took her with him to go get something for dinner, as she loves daddy time. I guess in the car they were talking about Halloween, and somewhere lost in communication she thought tonight was halloween. Dustin could bare the heart break when he told her no, so our awesome neighbors we mentioned a few weeks back let us give them candy to give her so she could practice trick or treat!!

Sunday: I am sure you are getting tired of reading that every Sunday we go Geocaching but....we do. It's a great get out of the house don't spend money but spend time together activity!! If you ever wanna go with us or something let us know, the more the merrier but be prepared for lots of stops and sudden turns, and maybe a little off-roading!!! Haha but how about instead of reading about our adventures you start watching our weekly geocaching? We now have a YouTube channel dedicated so far to geocaching and travel, it's gonna be brilliant.

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