Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What to bring to a baseball game, and our 1st game!!

A few weeks ago our local events page posted about an upcoming Military appreciation game for the Round Rock Express a Minor League baseball team that plays in Round Rock which is about an hour drive away! We had yet to have a chance to get out of town really aside from a quick trip to Dallas!! So I wrote it down in my planner and just decided it was going to happen!! Kyra has started to really show interest in more specific things that she personally likes, and less on things we kinda encouraged her to like. And baseball is one of those things!!

Neither of the kids had ever been to a baseball game and Dustin and I hadn't even been to one as a couple! Here are a few cute pictures from the night!!! Sorry we just snapped a few with his cell phone I didn't want to be lugged down with my DSLR for a game that we wanted to just enjoy the experience!!

Alright on a bit different note, seeing as the last time I went to a baseball game I was only having to worry about myself, so I looked and looked for a simple list of what to pack for a game. I found a few tips here and here but no nicely constructed list of things you should bring to a game with kids! So here I present:

What to bring to a Baseball game with Kids

Water- Hydration is a big deal with kids!! Specially if you go to a game in the middle of the day!! Most stadiums will allow you to bring one bottle of sealed water per person in a soft cooler or bag!! Save you from having to buy as much as you can just refill the bottle at water faucets!!

Diaper bag- This one as a parent is a no brainer, bring your extra clothes, wipes, snacks etc to keep the kids happy! I found that most stadiums will allow you a sealed snack per person also.

Makeup mist- This one may seem really wierd if you don't know what I am talking about. The company E.L.F. Carries this spray called makeup mist that is meant to set your makeup. But upon further look into it all the ingredients are pretty healthy for your skin, and it has aloe in it, so we brought it because the combination feels really great when you are getting hot, it cools your face, neck shoulders area for longer than just water would!! It is very refreshing and cost like $3 on their webpage, and will be an essential for our family when it comes to hot outings!!

Frogg Toggs- These things are genius!! They are towels made of a special material that wicks away moisture and keeps cool!! We use these in our kids car seats for long drives on summer days it's just an extra boost of cool when the AC isn't directly in contact with them. And was genius at the game, we just kept them in the bag and brought them out when littles started looking rosey.

Hats- They are baseball hats for a reason, keep that sun out of your face!! And even better yet find floppy hats for kids keeps the sun off ears, and shoulders too!!

Ice pack- To keep your water cold longer, and your Frogg Toggs more cold too!  And if someone starts feeling flushed great to have to cool them down!

Sunscreen- We all know when we go swimming and to the park and pretty much outdoors you need to wear sunblock!! So don't forget it! And don't forget to reapply every hour you don't want to enjoy a game and then feel awful later! The stadium we went to even had places throughout the area you could get free sunscreen!! So better safe than sorry!

Glow sticks- This is just a fun option!! We knew we were going to an evening game so we would be there after dark. Glow sticks are easy to find and great for kids when the thrill of the game kinda wears off!! 

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