Thursday, July 2, 2015

The one the movers came

Monday: oh my goodness it has been a long couple months without all our stuff!! And it all gets here today finally!! So excited!! This morning Darren and I were off to meet our new doctor for his 4 month well baby appointment a month late. We get to the clinic and the office was closed due to power outage and directed me to the clinic in Harker Heights!! I found it easier than expected, and really enjoyed the staff and how kind they were even though they were stressed having to work some where they weren't used to. It was a breath of fresh air after 3 years with a terrible clinic!! Darren weighted in at 21 lbs and 27 inches long!! He is growing so fast!! 18 month onsies fit him almost perfect crazy boy!!

We got all our stuff today and Kyra was going crazy finding all her toys and playing with them it was like christmas!! 

We only had after 4 until bedtime to unpack so we got all our beds built and made so we could sleep in them and unburied paths around the house, then we were off to bed exhausted from the busy day!!

Tuesday: We woke up and started digging through and putting away what we could before low and behold another shipment of stuff was delivered and added to the little progress we had made. We spent the remainder of the morning unpacking our bedroom, then it was lunch and nap time. After nap we went to get groceries and did so good only getting the essentials to make it through the week. Once we had put away groceries, we took the evening to set up the TV, and finish pulling together put bedroom to an extent.

Wednesday: Dustin had to go back to work, so unpacking was left for me to do today!! And that is a daunting task!! But after opening and opening boxes kyra and I got all her boxes open and in her room!! After nap we sat down with Darren and really dug in and got her room all put together!!  Then I was off to finish the kitchen. I got everything in the kitchen unpacked but unfortunately a lot of it needs recleaned because our box of sea salt spilled all over them. But I got enough put away I was able to cook dinner!! And enjoy watermelon with the family in the back yard afterwards!! A well needed break. Once the kids were in bed I did some work, and Dustin got the computer set up, so expect a ton of pictures soon on facebook and here!!

Thursday: Dustin has 24 hour duty, and we are excited to find out Amber and Jeremy and the kids are coming back to spend 4th of July with us!! So excited!!! Just means I will have to finish the rest of the house by myself....not sure that's much different than it has been I guess. So I powered up and got the office all put together this morning! And then worked on the living room!! Which is probably my favorite room so far!! Spent the rest of the day working on dishes!! Dustin swang by during dinner break and helped make Mac and cheese while I kept the little monster happy! He has been really fussy in the evenings lately!! Finally both kids were in bed and I had silence in the house. I got some business work done, photos uploaded, worked out, and cleaned some dishes!! Before passing out in the middle of the bed!!!!

Friday: It's coffee day!! Okay I drink coffee more than once a week, but on Fridays we get coffee from the awesome sauce coffee shop down the street because they do military discounts on Fridays!! Yummo! Dustin brought it home after his 24 hour shift. And then headed to bed until noon!! The. Er have some errands to run before Amber and Jeremy get here tomorrow!! So excited they are coming by on their way home too!! We got all of the things we needed just at Target and even picked up some planner stuff, and stuff for school for Kyra!!

Saturday: Its Independance day!! We woke up little later than expected, so rushed to get ready and headed to Belton for their big 4th of July Parade! We had no problem finding it or with parking so things were going smoothly!! But after like 10 mins Kyra just became grumpy and wasn't enjoying herself at all and since the main reason we went was for her we skipped out early and headed to lunch! After lunch we came home and finished what we could around the house before the Duffys arrived!! They decided last min to come spend another day with us on their way home :) and we were all super excited! We spent the afternoon playing, and eating some delicious Texas BBQ!! When it finally got dark enough we headed out from to play with poppers and sparklers!! The kids both LOVED the sparklers, and even tho it ended up that we could only barely see the fireworks from our house because they shot them off at a slightly different location, it was still a really fun 4th!!

Sunday: We slept in later than usual, guess the kids got worn out staying up later, and playing with their cousins!! So we're still a bit in our morning routine when Amber and Jeremy came over with Donuts!! After a little breakfast Amber and I went and spent an hour of quiet time alone talking down at our fave coffee shop haha twice in a week!! No complaints here!! The kids played for another hour before they needed to get on the road back home finally!! Sad to see them go but glad we get to see them again before too long! After they left we all collapsed on the couch, exhausted it was such a fun visit!! After lunch and nap commenced, we were off to our usual Sunday shinanagins of geocaching. We wrote down 8 only at one park and are just doing a small trip. All have been found in the past month so we are very hopeful we will be successful!!

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