Monday, August 31, 2015

The one we started school

Monday: so today is like the relaunch of things in our house!! I am starting. A huge workout program that I will NOT back down off of. This is my time to be where I want to be. I got up at 0630, climbed out of bed, and went straight to it. It kicked my butt but I am so glad I made it happen. After a nice warm shower, I got everything ready for Kyra's first day of school. I will have more about both the workouts and school work in blogs coming up soon!!  So proud of these big changes!! The rest of the day we just hung out and played at home with Daddy. Kyra threw a party for her dog friends birthday, and Darren practiced more with standing up!!

Tuesday: It was craft day at school!! We made butterflies and lady bugs!! Then spent the rest of the time playing like crazy heads!! But they all had fun and it's fun watching the kids interact and learn together!! I pushed my cardio until afternoon due to the fact we had a busy bee morning! So I went for a long walk around sundown to get my cardio in!! We had the most delicious dinner, just looking at the picture I want more!! Healthy food is so good!!

Wednesday: I got up and powered through another awesome workout and I felt awesome doing it!! I am loving this workout routine!! I was feeling so good afterwards I made us all omelets!! Which were so good!! After a healthy turkey wrap for lunch we went swimming!! Kyra did so good with it and even figured out how to go forwards!! It was such a good day for us all!! 

Thursday: Was library day!!! As usual we had so much fun!! And daddy even got to come with us this week!! And helped Kyra with a number scavenger hunt around the library!! Even if mommy had to help him find the last number!! Today Kyra also started drawing little stick people, and grass, and clouds and rainbows!! It's so cool to see her showing her imagination on paper!!

Friday: We got up and out bright and early and went to the park to look for bugs and to play with Emma!! It was the last day of my first week working out and I felt so proud to have gotten through the first week it always seems the hardest!! 

Saturday: We had a great family day!! Just hung out and did our thing!! And ended the day with a delicious taco night/ game night with Jane and a whole group of awesome folks!! It was so much fun being able to act like adults and enjoy adult conversation!!!

Sunday: We went to the Central Texas State Fair...which was uh....kinda lame. But Kyra and Emma had fun riding and petting a few animals!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The one with a wacky schedule

Monday: Today is pretty much the only day this week that isn't going to be all messed up from Dustins crazy schedule!! 2 more 24 hour shifts this week!! Then Dustin goes on leave for 2 weeks!! Beginning of September is going to be busy busy!!! But I am so excited!! Since we are broke a lot of his week we are just going to be hanging out!! Today all we did was play at home. Darren started to crawl out of the room and explore other rooms of the house, time to start keeping things he can't have up!!!

Tuesday: Dustin is now gone for the next 24 hours, I feel so bad for him having to work that long of a shift!! We spent this whole day waiting for fed ex delivery of our mail key.....btw it says it was delivered but never arrived so....I have no idea what we are going to do :/ we didn't do anything else all day as that was all I was worried about. During nap time we had a big storm roll through. For some reason the weather made my neighbors dogs get it of the yard so I spent nap time hanging o with two of the sweetest pit bulls they were so adorable!! But alas Dotty(my neighbor) and I were able to get ahold of Josh their owner and they headed home before either kid woke up!!

Wednesday: Dustin came home exhausted and passed out. So I took he kids to Janes house to hang out for a little while, we didn't end up staying long because pouty Kyra seemed to think she was STARVING. So we came home for lunch!! Also today I picked up a photography session last min for a family who had friends in town for just a couple days and their photographer fell through last min. It was actually really fun even tho I was nervous hopping into a session that quickly!!

Thursday: As usual we headed to the library for story time. This week was all about letters!! Julie, Jaiden, Christa, Emma, and Hunter met us there this time. We went to the mall afterwards for lunch and playtime!! Kyra had so much fun and after talking we decided to all work together on preschool since Jaiden hadn't gotten into head start, and she wants him to be learning too!! So we now have our weeks all scheduled for weeks to come but it's going to be so much fun!! Dustin got off work at 3, well was supposed to but had to stay til 4. We headed back to the mall because Dustin wanted to talk to a recruiter, which btw is not at the mall!! Haha so we just had Fudruckers for dinner and came home.

Friday: Dustin headed on yet ANOTHER 24 hour shift!! But brought me coffee before he left!! And we had a super doper lazy day. Stayed in pajamas all day kinda day and it was excellent. Today was another big day for Darren, he pulled himself up all by himself, I am so proud of him...but also kind of scared, means he will be walking soon!! At least with carpet he won't have as many bruises as Kyra did!! After Darren went to bed, Kyra and I had a spa type night to include a bubble bath and painting our nails rainbow colors!!!

Saturday: Dustin came home from work with Donuts!!! Woohoo having a fatty weekend before I start the 12 week program I am starting Monday!! Eat everything I love before I can't!!! Haha, don't worry not gonna be starving myself lol just going to be eating healthier versions!! Then he went to sleep, and pretty much so did the kids too lol! Kyra and I ran to dollar tree, and that was all. Later once they all decided to join the world again, except Kyra that is (we had to wake her from nap) we went to Target to get everyone new shoes!!! Yay shoes, and some last min stuff to get set for school Monday. After we got home, I got Darren fed for the night and headed to Jane's house to play some BUNCO!! It was a real fun night!! And I won us a nice cutting board!!

Sunday: We were all up early and decided we were gonna go have breakfast out. We headed over to Denny's which just reopened a month or so ago. The first thing we noticed upon walking in was a stench of Urine. We had this same experience at the IHOP here too. Which kinda makes it hard to enjoy your meal. But regardless we got seated and ordered drinks. I got black coffee and water. Now I know I am kinda picky about coffee but normally black coffee with enough sugar and creamer can normally be tolerable no mater how bad it was. That wasn't the case with this coffee it was just BAD. So I sent it back and made her bring me a soda. Yup soda for breakfast. Then we ordered food I got dessert for breakfast pretty much, chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup and peanut butter syrup. Haha all yummy, except my eggs also kinda tasted like piss. I never use Tabasco, but it was essential along with ketchup to mask the terrible taste. So needless to say DONT EAT AT DENNYS. Anyways after breakfast we went to Temple to check out their mall. It's lame but we were there before stores opened so we did a couple laps and chased Kyra around a little to wear her out. Then came back to town grabbed Kyra McDonald's for lunch, before going one to chill and let Darren nap. After nap we took a quick trip to Home Depot for new screws for the table, grabbed dinner out and came home to fix the table!! School starts tomorrow and we can't wait.

12 week workout!! 4 weeks progress!!

As most of you probably know or have seen by now I got chosen by an awesome trainer and founder of Beauty and the Fit to be part of a 12 week fitness program test group!! I was so unbelievably excited. The program consists of HIIT workouts, and cardio days!! I put in 5 days of hard work with the weekends being active rest days aka going on walks and such!! We have been making sure we eat rational portions and lots and lots of water. A gallon a day to be exact and some days I feel like I am going to float away lol!!

But all the hard work has been paying off!! It may not be super apparent in my result pictures, but I feel amazingly healthy already. And love that I can easily choose meals worth eating no matter where I go! 

School weeks 1-4

As you have probably realized from my weekly blogs I am doing a sorta low key school with Kyra!! We generally only do a couple hours of school work each week along with some outings to do with the theme!! 

Week one we worked on bugs!! We learned about the letter a, and how to write an a. And all sorts of things about bugs!! And even ended the week with a trip to the park to look for bugs!

A is for ant.

Letter writing.

Bug sorting.

Hop like a grasshopper.

Coloring bees.

Counting bees.

Coloring bugs.

making pet lady bugs.

Coffee filter butterflies.

Week 2 was all about birds. From chickens to peacocks to ostrich!! And the letter b.

Decorating the letter b with lots of birds.

Bird memory.

Letter b writing.

Shape card lacing.

Bird house painting.

Week 3 we did pets!! And did most of our school work at our friend Julie's house where I didn't have my computer for pictures. But we did a craft at home!

Week 4 was all about fall since it was the first week of fall. We did d is for dancing in the leaves.

Coloring scarecrows

Glueing on leaves.

Pre-writing practice.

Number matching puzzle.

Painting trees

Making an apple.

Popcorn ;)

So as you can see school has been going great, Kyra seems to really enjoy it and is remembering stuff from even day one!! Oh yeah and in the process has learned all the letters so far in sign language!!