Monday, August 24, 2015

School weeks 1-4

As you have probably realized from my weekly blogs I am doing a sorta low key school with Kyra!! We generally only do a couple hours of school work each week along with some outings to do with the theme!! 

Week one we worked on bugs!! We learned about the letter a, and how to write an a. And all sorts of things about bugs!! And even ended the week with a trip to the park to look for bugs!

A is for ant.

Letter writing.

Bug sorting.

Hop like a grasshopper.

Coloring bees.

Counting bees.

Coloring bugs.

making pet lady bugs.

Coffee filter butterflies.

Week 2 was all about birds. From chickens to peacocks to ostrich!! And the letter b.

Decorating the letter b with lots of birds.

Bird memory.

Letter b writing.

Shape card lacing.

Bird house painting.

Week 3 we did pets!! And did most of our school work at our friend Julie's house where I didn't have my computer for pictures. But we did a craft at home!

Week 4 was all about fall since it was the first week of fall. We did d is for dancing in the leaves.

Coloring scarecrows

Glueing on leaves.

Pre-writing practice.

Number matching puzzle.

Painting trees

Making an apple.

Popcorn ;)

So as you can see school has been going great, Kyra seems to really enjoy it and is remembering stuff from even day one!! Oh yeah and in the process has learned all the letters so far in sign language!!

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