Saturday, August 22, 2015

Darren is already 7 months.

My goodness that last month flew by. I just took his 6 months pictures I swear. I haven't even finished edits on them....going to tomorrow!! So I can finally share them all.

Nicknames: Dare, Bumbles, Bubba, Monster

Clothing Size: 18m, but not for too much longer

Personality: Man you keep growing and changing!! You have become very loud and needy this past month. You want people to know you are there!!

Things I Could Do Without:  Pinching, and biting my boobies when you are nursing, I am scared with you for the day you get a tooth....never had to consider it with Kyra and hopefully won't with you either, but if you bite as much as you do now, you may get weaned early.

Item/Toy We Love The Most: New car seat I guess. It's not even new, it's Kyras. But you do so much better in the car now that you are in a bigger car seat!!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Well you still seem to need Bullwinkle to sleep, but you also love any toy that is Kyras. And with you being able to crawl, unless she puts it away you get what you want!!!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Cheering for you to crawl on your hands and knees, watching you laugh at Kyra's silliness, knowing you will eat just about anything you can get to.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Crawling everywhere, and trying to do things Kyra does!! Oh and Food, you love Food.

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