Sunday, August 2, 2015

The one my mom came to town!!

Monday: Oh man another Monday!! And yes, the usual cleaning has begun. Not as much to do as we did clean this weekend, mostly dishes. And well there is one room in our house that needs some attention. It's a good thing Dustin gets off in a couple hours we are gonna have to really sit down in there and finish it up!! Tomorrow is finally the day my mom gets here and I am so excited!!

Tuesday: Call me crazy but I am so excited for today!! I haven't seen my mom in 15 months, and it's been over 3 years since she has come to our house. So it is going to be so much fun to have her over!! We are going to do a lot of fun stuff while she is here, mostly free, but fun!! 

Eta 8 hours....just finished doing the dishes from last night, and cleaned the kitchen. Going to take pictures of the house now that it's all actually cleaned and put up nicely for a few mins before its destroyed again.

Eta 7 hours.... Got the "guest room" put together, even includes a picture from Kyra!! It's not much since it's our office also, but it is nice we have an extra room for people to stay in!!

Eta 6 hours.....oops that was a wasted hour...Darren was napping and all I managed to do was Facebook and YouTube!! Bah.

Eta 5 hours.....lunch!!!

Eta 4 hours......both kids are down for a nap!! I'm watching my "soaps" haha pretty much One Tree Hill!! Maybe they will both take long naps, and we will just play pick up our toys for the last hour before she gets here!! Patiently waiting!

Eta 3 hours.....Just booked my first paid session here in Texas!! I am beyond excited that is a huge step!!! What an excellent day!! Also just got some super cute stuff from a friend of Dustins in Germany. A handmade alphabet book, and cart cover.

Eta 1 mom lands any min in Austin, and Dustin should be rolling into town right now too!! Then they will be on their drive home!! Kyra is getting excited now!! We are gonna go pick up her room and Darren's room here in a few mins!!!

We had tacos and than just hung out until bedtime.

Wednesday: We don't have a car, so this morning was just hanging out time until nap, then we will go spend the afternoon doing something!! Dustin got home, and we took mom for a drive to show her around the area a little bit and grabbed some sonic drinks!! Then we went home for a super healthy dinner. After dinner Kyra, mom and I went on a walk before getting the kids to bed and getting some groceries. It was a nice relaxed day!!

Thursday: I got up at 4 am with Dustin to take him to work so we could have the car during the day. Got back to find Kyra on the couch yet again, she has been getting out of bed and sleeping on the couch every night for like a week, not sure why. Seems so weird....but I just brought her into Dustins side of the bed and we went back to sleep for a little bit longer. After breakfast we headed out to the library to go to Story Time. It was a lot of fun, even got Kyra signed up for the summer reading program and got a library card too!!! After the library we went to lunch at Chickfila so Kyra could play for a couple mins!! 

Friday: We got up this morning had breakfast and then headed out to go on a hike trying to beat the heat. The hike was a lot of fun, we saw lots of fish, and walked on some pretty neat bridges!! Dustin even tried to go fishing!! But alas the heat was just too much and I started feeling pretty yucky by the time we were done. So we cooled down in the car, got a bunch of water, and then went to Golden Corral for lunch to refuel for the rest of the day!! After which we headed home so the kids and Dustin could nap. And mom and I made really cute dress up wigs for Kyra and Hannah!! After Dinner Dustin went on a date, we headed out to this really neat looking wine bar, but we got there too late and moat the seating was packed, so we decided to go have a beer at Old Chicago and a giant cookie. We didn't stay out too late, because we have to get up early tomorrow to head to Dallas.

Saturday: We got up early and headed to Dallas for my cousin Hannah's birthday party!! She had the cutest princess tea party!! Kyra was in heaven all day, and even tho the other girls were a bit older, she got along with them just perfect!! 

Sunday: We went to the coolest little safari park today!! I will do a blog next week with pictures from the safari!! It was pretty fun, the animals were kinda crazy, but we got to see the new baby zebra!!

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