Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The one we went to sea world

Monday: Was not a very productive day, we had the car, but spent most the day driving back and forth from base. We did manage to go to Target and get fitbits....so now we are walking like crazy!!! 

Tuesday: We went to Belton to walk by the creek, which was kinda gross. And let Kyra play at a playground, until she skinned her poor knees all up!! Then we went grocery shopping and had lunch!! Just a pretty laid back day!! Mom and I went for a walk to Walmart and back to try and reach our fitness goals!! 

Wednesday: Today we actually had the car all day so we went and took Kyra and Darren to a movie the last $1 movie of the summer, Rio 2. It was Darren's first movie, and Kyra's second. They both made it through awesome!!! And ate a whole box of popcorn!! After the movie we went and had lunch at Freddy's burgers, and had yummy custard. We spent the afternoon at home, and then went to the mall when Dustin got off work. I guess on Wednesdays in August they do dog days where, dogs come to the mall to walk where it is cooler!! Kyra was so excited to pet them all!! Mom and I finished the day with another walk to get our steps in!!

Thursday: We started our morning out by going over to base to watch the Mounted Calvary do their drills!! It was a lot of fun, and all of the soldiers were so friendly to us, and did their best go make the show amazing!!! We had so much fun, even if half way through the show we had to go sit in front of the barn, because poor Darren was getting way too hot. They should really cover their stadium...it's always hot here lol. We also got a barn tour which was lots of fun!! They make their boots, and saddles on site, and have to go through other training to learn how to do so. And on our way back to the car, we cut out of the tour early too, we got to pet some of the horses, they were so sweet. And Darren passed out!! In the afternoon, Dustin finally got our CRV registered!! Now we have two cars so we can do more during the days!! Woohoo!!

Friday: We took today as a casual day we cleaned up house, and just played at home so we could be ready for the drive to San Antonio tomorrow!! Only ran on one errand to pick Kyra up a new swim suit because hers is getting too small! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Saturday: We were up bright and early so we could get all the way to San Antonio by the time Sea World opened. So we could see some stuff before it got too hot. All the way there it was rainy and nice and cool so we were looking forward to a cool day. We had almost made it when Kyras usual motion sickness kicked in. But we still managed to get there just in time, and Kyra felt fine the rest of the day!! The first show we went to was the Shamu show and it was a pretty interesting show!! After that we left to get some lunch! Which took forever, why would you stick new cashiers on during the lunch rush on a weekend? Due to the long line we had to wait until a later show for the dolphin show, so we went on the dolphin walk, aka walk in 100* in the sun reading stupid signs along the way just to stand like 50 feet away from the Dolphins and sorta watch them play. Yeah pretty pointless and just made us all hot.
But we were able to cool down a little during the dolphin show where we shared a mango Popsicle! After the show we decided we would go see the Penguins and Alligators before heading to the hotel. On the way to the Penguins Kyra fell asleep so we stopped at a roller coaster for mom and Dustin to ride in, but as soon as they got in line someone puked, and instead of cleaning it up they shut the whole thing down. We went and saw the Penguins regardless of the fact that Kyra was passed out, because it was nice and cool and had benches we could sit at in the ac. But after we had cooled back down we decided we were all pretty worn out and had seen pretty much everything so we were ready to go to the hotel and get checked in. After relaxing a little we decided to go to Joes Crab Shack for dinner. It was so yummy but so expensive. And after since it was so close by we saw the Alamo on our way back to the hotel. Talk about disappointing, I really expected more from something with such history. A tiny building in the middle of the city was rather anticlimactic.

Sunday: We still had all day to explore San Antonio, so after breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we headed back down to the river walk to do a cruise!! It was so pretty down there and see in it all in the morning less crowded was really nice!! Darren enjoyed the cruise so much he passed out lol!! After the cruise we decided to get lunch at the rainforest cafe, because Dustin had never been before! Kyra was very worried about some of the animals, but warmed up to them as we ate. We got seated right next to the apes who danced and barked every 10 mins or so. Darren loved the apes!!!

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