Saturday, August 1, 2015

The one with new family pictures!!

Monday: So we didn't really have a busy weekend per say, and Kyra put away her toys each night as usual, but also as usual I didn't really stick to a cleaning routine over the weekend so I can spend more time just playing with the kids. With that being said, it's a cleaning day in the house!! I got the entire office picked up and ready for my mom to get here just 8 more days!! Gotta do dishes sometime today!! Have I mentioned our dishwasher sucks, and I hate doing dishes so....ugh means I don't wanna do them. That is the one and only chore I despise!!!! Managed to clean mostly what was needed to cook, and eat dinner, and left the rest to soak!! Haha tomorrow I'll finish it all!! Did get half my edits done tonight and started editing a video for YouTube, but I really am not very good at the editing thing, I wish Dustin would take over that aspect. Might help if we had something better than Windows movie maker.

Tuesday: Aww productive mornings are the best, got all the dishes done, gonna fold laundry during nap, and keep going with the laundry business. So much fun cleaning everything all the time...who doesn't love spending the majority of their day cleaning? At least after Dustin gets home I get the treat of leaving the house for like 15 mins alone to go pick up my glasses!! I'm really excited to finally see everything in fine details!!  Ugh feeling so discouraged lately, there are so many photographers here, and I have yet to book a paid session. I love photography but I don't know if I have what it takes to compete with these people who have studios!! I will give it more time I'm sure it's just me. Going to workout then finish editing images from the weekends sessions!!

Wednesday: Still cleaning and cleaning!! Really want the house to look nice and be under a simple system while my mom is here so I can just do a quick morning cleaning and have the day to hang out!! Going to be setting up a very strict budget this coming month. Also have declared it a no spend month... We have to figure out how to afford everything, I wish people would start booking sessions, but with Dustins work schedule in August I don't even have time to work. So gonna just have to cut spending. Very frustrating. But just means no eating out, no stops for soda or beer, no more ipsy, no stickers, only the pure essentials in everything. Ugh I want to go back to Germany our expenses were so much less and Cola helped so much. Just guess we pray that Dustin has a reasonable schedule in September, and that I can book more sessions. Just blows that I have to give almost 50% off my already great rates just to get clients.

Thursday: We started this morning off early, Darren had his 6 months appointment at 8:40. He is now officially 21.6 lbs and 28.98 inches. So basically a giant lol!! We snagged a cheap brunch then headed back home!! The fence repair people came by today. We had one panel really that if we were paying we would have fixed but I guess our rental company/landlord went ahead and paid to have most of the fence replaced, so that is nice!! The rest of the evening was spent hanging out, playing memory, and working on some projects. Poor Darren as usual was very much cuddly after the shots, so he hung out with me while we did things!! Then we had sloppy joe casserole one of my faves we don't have very often!! And Dustin went to bed early before his pt test tomorrow!!

Friday: After staying up too late watching tv even tho Kyra came in later than usual I was tired this morning!! Good thing it's coffee Friday!! Still lots to do before mom gets here okay not a lot but some stuff. Spent my coffee energy boost doing my makeup instead, because why not. Darren was still sleepy and feverish after his shots yesterday so he was being held or sleeping most the day!! Did nothing really all day, until Walmart for groceries.....btw never again. Our grocery trip was way more expensive than H-E-B and the produce looks kind of awful!! But oh well good thing we only shop for a week at a time. Tomorrow we have family pictures so very excited!! We have cute outfits picked out! 

Saturday: We woke up bright and early to of course Kyra sleeping on our floor again!! This has been happening for like a week now, and we aren't sure when she comes in or why but we wake up to her there. Tip toeing around her to get ourselves ready before waking her and Darren to get them ready. Then we were out the door to get our family pictures done!! We went to Chalk Ridge Falls and it was so beautiful I can't wait to take my mom back next week. Natalie was so much fun to work with and even managed to climb up over and into the water pregnant to get the picture!! I can't wait to do her Maternity pictures in September!! We spent the rest of the day at home. Well Darren fell asleep for a nap so I climbed into bed too we may have napped for 3 hours!! Then we woke up and went on a frozen Yogurt date with a new friend!! 

Sunday: Today has been declared clean up day!! We are going to try and finish our last min projects and errands and get fully ready for Grandma to get here!! So excited!!

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