Monday, August 31, 2015

The one we started school

Monday: so today is like the relaunch of things in our house!! I am starting. A huge workout program that I will NOT back down off of. This is my time to be where I want to be. I got up at 0630, climbed out of bed, and went straight to it. It kicked my butt but I am so glad I made it happen. After a nice warm shower, I got everything ready for Kyra's first day of school. I will have more about both the workouts and school work in blogs coming up soon!!  So proud of these big changes!! The rest of the day we just hung out and played at home with Daddy. Kyra threw a party for her dog friends birthday, and Darren practiced more with standing up!!

Tuesday: It was craft day at school!! We made butterflies and lady bugs!! Then spent the rest of the time playing like crazy heads!! But they all had fun and it's fun watching the kids interact and learn together!! I pushed my cardio until afternoon due to the fact we had a busy bee morning! So I went for a long walk around sundown to get my cardio in!! We had the most delicious dinner, just looking at the picture I want more!! Healthy food is so good!!

Wednesday: I got up and powered through another awesome workout and I felt awesome doing it!! I am loving this workout routine!! I was feeling so good afterwards I made us all omelets!! Which were so good!! After a healthy turkey wrap for lunch we went swimming!! Kyra did so good with it and even figured out how to go forwards!! It was such a good day for us all!! 

Thursday: Was library day!!! As usual we had so much fun!! And daddy even got to come with us this week!! And helped Kyra with a number scavenger hunt around the library!! Even if mommy had to help him find the last number!! Today Kyra also started drawing little stick people, and grass, and clouds and rainbows!! It's so cool to see her showing her imagination on paper!!

Friday: We got up and out bright and early and went to the park to look for bugs and to play with Emma!! It was the last day of my first week working out and I felt so proud to have gotten through the first week it always seems the hardest!! 

Saturday: We had a great family day!! Just hung out and did our thing!! And ended the day with a delicious taco night/ game night with Jane and a whole group of awesome folks!! It was so much fun being able to act like adults and enjoy adult conversation!!!

Sunday: We went to the Central Texas State Fair...which was uh....kinda lame. But Kyra and Emma had fun riding and petting a few animals!!

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