Saturday, September 19, 2015

The one with lots of Daddy time!

Monday: Labor Day!! Haha we are already on leave so not that it matters anyways lol!! We worked on letter B today and birds!!  And the beginning of the next week of workouts!! 

Tuesday: Craft day!! We made bird houses which was so fun!! The girls loved it!! And then in the evening we all went to the park to walk run laps. I almost ran the whole big lap!! It was so hot, but awesome to get serious with Cardio!! 

Wednesday: We didn't do anything today, just had sometime at home, Dustin had to go into work for what was supposed to be an hour or two, but ended up being most the evening. Darren started transferring from one place to another, he is gonna be walking in no time!!

Thursday: Haha glamorous day, hard hard cardio day since I don't trust our neighborhood at night!! We went to the library today too!! And Darren was trying to bear crawl across the library it was rather funny!!

Friday: I had a grumpy stay at home day and we just chilled out because we were also super broke seeing as tomorrow is payday!! Then in the evening I had a really fun session at the park with some friends from Germany!!

Our weekend was pretty uneventful we did some grocery shopping, a target run, and checked the local flea market out!! I also had another photoshoot that was awesome and I am so happy about the results!!

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