Monday, September 28, 2015

The one with national coffee day!

Monday: Good morning!! Fell asleep like a rock last night, thank you pm Tylenol!! After getting no sleep Saturday night and only an hour nap during the day Sunday I was exhausted but wanted to make sure my brain shut down so I could sleep. Hoping this week will bring us some information one way or another! By waking up off of sleep aids makes me cranky. Because I could have easily slept like 4 more hours!! And I really need to make coffee!

My house after being so busy is a mess, and I never sat down and got stuff ready for school today so I guess I will start this weeks school stuff tomorrow and be prepared for it!! Doing dishes all day is such a joy, that on top of Kyra not napping, Darren having a growth spurt again and wanting to nurse almost constantly. It has been such a Monday.

Dustin came home early much to my surprise!! And so I got to do my workout before dinner time!! It was so hard and I am not looking forward to getting up tomorrow I am going to be so sore!!

Tuesday: Woohoo!! It's national drink coffee day!! And boy does that make the day start great!! Dustin picked us up coffee for breakfast!! And it was amazing!! Also Kyra woke up so happy!! She came in cuddles for a few mins, then said okay mommy lets get up its a beautiful day! Who wouldn't wake up in a good mood from that? So we spent the morning cuddling and hanging out!! My kids are so sweet!!

My kids were super excited about a care package from grandma!! We have more ponies and trolls to play with now!! And mom is trying to think of a way to organize and display them in a more fun way than baskets now!! Plus she sent me some yummy smelling Chapstick, some stickers, and a magazine!! 

Kyra was terrible at nap ended up going with a spank and got a couple ponies taken away!! And in order to get them back I made her put away dishes!!

Tonight was cardio night as usual and lovely!! The sunset was pretty, and I felt like I had lots of energy!! 

Wednesday: I woke up this morning, dizzy, and really out of it, followed by a migraine!! Spent the morning in bed before slowly feeling better!! Not the best way to start my morning!! B by lunch I finally was able to keep something down and my head wasn't hurting as bad!!

After lunch I went to take another nap so I would have energy before grocery shopping. We got all our groceries and even picked up Kyras Halloween costume. And then our super amazing neighbors next door came by with a present, they are just too dang nice!! They just gave us a red wagon for the kids!! We are so blessed with fantastic neighbors!!

Thursday: Feeling much better now!! It only took forever, but happy we are back to a normal day!! Today was story time at the library and we read about Apples, and even got to taste a couple of them!!

After story time we went on a few errands which didn't result in much actually getting done except mommy being stressed out. Kyra has started being terrible in public, not sure what's causing the regression but it's exhausting. I am ready for vacation!!

The evening went by really fast with tacos for dinner and some playing with the kids before bed!! Darren is pro at saying daddy!!  And I got to workout so I feel ton better, I love working out!!!

Friday: We got up today and headed to the expo center to go to a just between friends and pick up some warmer clothes for the kids before our trip home. Kyra behaved so well at the sale unlike the past days that I decided we could go to McDonalds for lunch. She sat and ate lunch nice too. But then when it was time to leave the play ground all hell broke loose. And I mean all....she bit me, she spit at me, yelled at me, pretty much anything you name it she did it. And received timeout, when that didn't work she got spanked, and when that failed she got taken to the car kicking and screaming!! And I was so completely exhausted with her all I could do was survive until Dustin got home. Then I tied on my shoes to go for a run and get away from the house for a little bit while dinner cooked. Thank heaven it's Friday. 

Darren's first tooth finally broke through!! Oh and we ended up walking to Walmart and picked out a movie we were supposed to watch but someone got a bit into video games so I went and took a bath and went to bed. Have a quick shoot in the morning, and a baby shower tomorrow!!

Saturday: I started the morning out early because I was freezing, we had the window open and a fan going and I was right in front of it! So I layered up blankets and turned off the fan, but than the silence shade could hear every dog in the neighborhood, so I had to turn it back on and cuddle up to Dustin. But alas once I was back to sleep Kyra woke up and we were up for the day!! I went over and redid a couple pictures for a friend who during the first shoot her kids were not very happy, so today we got a few where they are smiling to finish a project for her grandma!!

After Dustin grabbed me coffee, I ran over and had lunch with a group of friends for Julie's babyshower!! We ate at Olive Garden which is always awesome because I can find something healthy to eat and it tastes yummy!!

We finished the day off with Hotel Transylvania and pizza night!! And I am currently trying to convince Dustin to buy me ice cream now that the kids are in bed.

Sunday: we are up bright and ready to go to the pumpkin patch!  I'll post pictures later this week!! And then we are coming home to spend the afternoon cleaning the house up, and eating dinner :) 

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