Monday, August 24, 2015

The one we went to Austin

Monday: So we started the morning like any other, in slow motion and doing nothing really. When we received a couple hours notice that my moms cousin from Houston was going to be coming by to say hi while she was still in town!! After a busy weekend away the house was in a state of chaos!! So mom and I cleaned the whole house, fighting Kyra along the way to keep it clean!! When Steve and Betsy got here they came with gifts!! My poor kids are so spoiled :p but it certainly got them in the friend zone!! Kyra loved Aunt Betsy!! And they even brought me flowers which was too sweet!! I can't wait until we are able to go to Houston for a few days and see them again!! Such lovely people!!

Tuesday: Today is moms last full day in town, so we wanted to do something a little fun with the kids. So we headed over to the splash park to play with my friend Jess and her daughter Chloe. After running around for a little over an hour we grabbed lunch at Arby's because we had a coupon, and headed home to have a picnic on the floor with monster Darren and all of Kyra's friends!! Once Dustin got home for the afternoon, mom and I ran out the door to go get our hair done. I told Dustin before we left I was just getting a trim. But secretly got a major cut!! I think he was shocked when we got home and most my hair was gone. But I am in love with this cut and may keep it this short our whole time in Texas!!

Wednesday: What a sad day :( my mom has to go back to Austin today. My mom and I are like best friends and I wish we lived closer to her, but at least she has came and visited every single one of our houses. She is so much fun to hang out with. Anyways we still have all day in Austin to hang out with her!! So we headed downtown to check out the capital and find a restaurant, as Austin is known for its good eats! We had some pretty yummy Mexican food at the Iron Cactus. Before venturing over to the Capital. It was so green at the capital, so different compared to everywhere else in Texas, I wonder how much water they use every day haha! After the capital we went to see the Baylor Art Wall. It was pretty cool, and there was even artists working while we were there. Then we got some ice cream before taking mom to the airport :(

Thursday: As an attempt to make sure Kyra gets some socialization each week, and to get out of the house for an hour or so we went to the library for story time!! This week was all about back to school!! Which was lots of fun, we even got to make school buses to take home!! And we checked out 4 new books for the week!! Kyra loves the library!! This afternoon was the FIRST time in months it rained!!! And was perfect!! I went and played and danced in it with Kyra we had so much fun!!

Friday: Started our morning out early with a nice log walk up and down some hills that I didn't realize were hills until I was pushing over 60lbs of stroller up them. I was exhausted when we got home!! The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house again!! 

Saturday: Dustin had CQ so spent the entire day at work, and the kids and I didn't do much. We did go out and play with bubbles, and sidewalk chalk for a little while but it was hot so we didn't stay out there too long!

Sunday: After a long 24 hour shift Dustin came home and slept until 3pm at which point he got up and we watched him play video games until it was time to start cooking dinner!! I made rolled chicken parm it was delicious so keep an eye out for a recipe to come soon. A picture less recipe as I devoured it before taking a picture...oops.

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