Friday, February 27, 2015

Delirium trilogy review

So my constant reading has continued!! This doesn't come as a surprise, as I spend a lot of time at night nursing, and I am okay with that!! So while we are up I just pick up my tablet and read a couple chapters! And when the books are easy reads like these I finish them really quickly!! This series although slightly similar to other ones I have read was very interesting take on a futuristic/post apocalyptic type story line. Although the Deleria that "takes over" isn't what causes the state of the world so much as how "the cured" people choose to run the world afterwards that creates the world they now know.

There are three books to the main portion of this series that follow the story of Lena, a teenager who is coming of age. But the meaning of that in this series is oh so different as her whole life is about to change and be decided for her. The story is really good and I would recommend anyone picking it up. It was written by Lauren Oliver who also wrote Before I Fall that I wrote about in my last book review!! Along with this series she also wrote three tag along books that follow three different characters who catch the delirium and their stories. Unfortunately Oyster only had 2 of them which obviously I read too!! They were just short stories and each only took me like 2 hours total to read but were written the same format as the original 3 so were really good to read. Hopefully the third will later be added to Oyster so I can pick it up!! If you are keeping count that is now officially 9 books by the end of February. 

I have already started another book and have a whole list of To Read books on that app so many more reviews are to come!!

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