Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The year of reading!!

While I was trying to keep my feet up and my mind busy while we patiently waited for Darren to get here, and while recovering from surgery, reading has been my go to activity!!

If you have never heard of Oyster you should really look into it. It is like a Netflix for books, just like Netflix it doesnt have every book you ever wanted to read of course and often does not have the newest hit books. But regardless it has thousands upon thousands of books for you to read from self help to kids books!! I challenge you to not find something you enjoy.

Anyways, so now that I have access to thousands of books for one low price I have been reading everything I can! This year already I have finished 4 books!!

The first was Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's soul. I am obviously not going to write a review for that one. If you are not familiar with the Chicken Soup series, it's just books made up of short stories, so no review necessary.

Than I picked up what is more considered a youth book, which is why it only took me like two days to read. But I had never had a chance to when I was younger. Number the Stars by Lois Lowery. I really enjoy reading stories about historical events, specially if they are based off of true stories. This book is based on how the Danish families came together during WWII to protect their neighbors. It was really good!! And even though it was written for a younger audience and the main character was an elementary age girl, I felt like I was still able to relate to the story. Very well written, and something everyone should read!!

My third book this year was a really good book, I had a very hard time putting it down at night and may have spent a few nights staying up way to late reading it. I finished this book almost as quickly as I finished the last. The book told the story of a man traveling by foot across South Dakota and Missouri stopping at many places of historical interest, many of which I myself have seen. I was so into this book and was really enjoying his journey. Until I finished the book. And found out that I had just read the 3rd book of a series without having read the first two and having known the ending I couldn't bring myself to start the first two! So I am bummed since this book was so good that I will never be able to read the first 2 books. But if you get a chance to pick up the Series that starts out with the book: The Walk by Richard Paul Evans you really should and read the whole series as I imagine started at the beginning it will be even better!!

The fourth book was one I found on a list on Facebook, and I just randomly chose one of the books to see if I could find something interesting!! And boy did I choose a good one!! This book introduced me to an author who I now am reading a trilogy from as I really like the way she writes.

The book was called Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It follows the life of a popular high school girl on Valentines Day. Which follows a typical story line of rebelion and school girl drama. But as the story progresses and they end up at a party that night you are suddenly surprised by how the evening ends. And the days the follow will have your mind very confused trying to figure out the puzzle. If you are looking for a story that will make you wonder the whole way through what is going to happen next read this book. Even after finishing the book you will still sit and think about the characters and wonder how it lead to where it did.

All 4 of these books are really great reads and I would recommend them all. They do all have very different story lines and themes so there is a little of something for everyone. Up next will be my review of the trilogy written by Lauren Oliver, And I will just say, its a good one!!! So stay tuned!!!

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