Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday Favorites Week 3 (2015)

Yet again, I am a day behind writing my blog...Maybe I should perhaps consider changing the name of the blog post...idk I will think about it.

This week we had lots of fun just enjoying each other's company. Monday started out as just a very casual day. I was really tired as I had been up all night with contractions so Kyra and I just hung out at the house together!

Tuesday started out as a great day. I was in a really relaxed mood and happy to just play with Kyra all day. Than I was hit with a terrible migraine that knocked me out. Luckily Dustin was able to come home quickly and let me sleep it off so I was feeling better by bed time.

This was week 37 of this pregnancy, however, if you consider that I am having Darren no later than this coming Friday I guess you could call it week 39.

Wednesday, After much debate on my part as I was tired....when am I not? I drug Kyra and I out the door and across to play group with MOPS. It was an Eric Carle themed book reading and craft event, and I am so glad we went. It is always nice to socialize with the ladies, and for Kyra to get to play with some friends!

It is so sweet to watch her grow, and learn how to make friends with kids her age without parents guiding their activity!!

Thursday: We woke up early to join Dustin on base for a very special ceremony! As a family we have decided to reenlist for 3 more years in the Army. I don't have any pictures of this as I guess being out the door by 8 was too early for me to think of a camera, there was however other folks with camera's so if I get a hold of the pictures I will share them later. After which Dustin was released for the day...which lead to him having a 5 day weekend!! WOOT!!

Also Thursday we went back to the OB for our last appointment before the csection. He didn't have a lot of news for us. As usual I have lots of contractions...I am dilated like 1 cm which doesn't mean much. My body knows what it is doing, just has to get to doing it!! But I will honestly be okay if it doesn't since we have the date and everything it will be so much simpler to just go in prepared.

As far as yesterday we stayed home most the day, ran a couple errands and had lunch at Taco Bell but nothing to write home about.

And today we went on a nice little lunch date to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Rhine Main Grill, and grabbed some pasteries/cakes at the little french bakery down the street before coming home and taking a long late nap!

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