Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany 2015

Yup another weekend in Germany came up!! We are trying to go out and see as much of Germany as we can!! We are loving the trips they are so much fun. This trip was amazing!!

We started out earlier after the traffic mess on the way to Koln. But we were smooth sailing the entire way there!! Never once has to stop!!  Still took forever to get there but well worth the drive!!

Super cute Cafe!

We had trouble finding a parking garage cuZ we were a bit distracted by Darren crying. The kid hates the car seat!! And once we found one we were turned around and not sure where we were going. We ended up going the wrong way and walking way farther than we needed to, but eventually found the Aldstadt. 

Can you imagine the amount of time it took to build this?

Dustin likes Ducks

It was a bit colder than we expected since it wasn't cold when we left Wiesbaden.

Kyra loves some Kraut!!

We had so much fun walking through the farmers market, and than found a yummy restaurant. And had Nuremberger Brats and Kraut!!

Than finally tried a popular German Dessert called Lebkuchen and got one dipped in Chocolate. They are yummy!!

Darren enjoying his vacation!

Finally we went up and saw the castle but after hiking up the hill chose to not go up into it it was so steep and had stairs and just not easy to navigate with a stroller.

I like the dragon!

A bit hard to tell but this is the city wall!

This trip was so much fun the whole time, we were laughing and really relaxed and enjoying it. Something about knowing we are running out of time here allows you to really enjoy the time you do have!!

We wore her out!!

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