Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prepping for the move: 80 days to go!

Well those last ten days flew by. I hope the rest of the 80 go just as fast. After a photoshoot this weekend with friends who LOVE Ft Hood, I am even more excited for this move!! There is just so much to do there and I can wait to explore everything Texas has to offer!!

So what have we done to get ready for the move so far? Well Darren's Passport and Birth Abroad certificate so now he is officially able to leave the country now!! And we have our passports back too!! Wish we had time to plan one more trip to another country but the last 4 day that our car will be here for is starting tomorrow, a little late to plan a trip!
We also have gone and got lights for all the burnt out bulbs around the house, and a bucket of paint for touch up, which we plan to start working on this weekend.

But there is so so so much more that needs to get done before the move. We are at a stand still due to not having official orders yet, so we are at a point of infinite list making!! I have lists for everything going, everything selling, things that we need to do on post, and just about anything you can imagine. For some reason the lists manage to keep me sane. I can't wait to see the lists get checked off and the days counted down!! Slowly getting there, even starting today with a big drop off to recycle center of stuff we don't wanna take with us and aren't worth the effort of selling.

And the 21st we are going to be setting up a table at the post wide kids stuff sale. And getting rid of a bunch of baby clothes and things we don't need any longer!! So even if it feels like nothing is getting done we are moving forward, and the orders will be here before we know it and the real insanity of a pcs will begin.

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