Saturday, March 14, 2015

The first one with warm outdoor weather!!

,So this week brought our first week of beautiful weather. So for the first three days of this week we played outside in the sun a lot. That and our internet for no reason that we could find was just not working and was really irritating me when I need it to post pictures for clients after all the photo shoots the past weekend

So Kyra and I went out and cleaned off the patio which was covered in nasty moss from off the roof and out of the gutter that fell down on the patio over the winter. Or that birds have sat and tossed on our patio looking for food.

Monday: For some reason everyone was super cranky and just wanted to be held and throw fits. It wasn't a whole lot of fun for anyone.

Tuesday: After the cranky day Tuesday everyone was just kind of in a worn out tired mood and there was a lot of sleeping going on.

Wednesday: Being a big dummy I thought Dustin had taken the car to work after I had asked him to leave it for me, because he didn't say anything. So we sadly missed out on going to play group. But later that day we were outside playing and realized the car was in front of the house. ha-ha go figure.

Thursday: Dustin had a lot to do on Clay, and was able to come home in the afternoon to spend a little time with us, mostly running a few errands. And than he took Kyra out to ride her bike :D

Friday: Now this was a fun day. Probably the most laughing and joking around we have done in a long time. We got up pretty early got everyone ready to go and headed out to Nuremberg. But just like I said about Koln last week that will be it's own blog later this week :D

Saturday: We took time to just be at home. After 2 days of Darren sleeping A LOT (pretty sure he was having a growth spurt) he was awake a lot more and really happy so it was nice to see his happy face and play with him. He managed to finally get his thumb in his mouth and he was happy with that for a few mins until it popped out and he hasn't managed to get it back in since. But he did sleep all the way through the night for the first time. There is nothing like waking up to him crying and looking at the window and seeing a crack of light just barely coming through 8 hours of sleep is amazing!

Sunday: Started our day out with breakfast of omelets and pancakes, followed by grocery shopping for the week. The area of base where our grocery store is now fenced in with gate check starting today, and the whole thing is a hot mess cussing lots of back tracking and way more walking if you have to walk. So glad we are moving away from this disorganized mess soon. The mess did encourage us to start doing all our shopping on the economy from now til we move. Besides with the Euro so close to a dollar right now there is no reason to not. After nap we worked on getting all our important papers organized before the move to make sure we had enough copies of everything along the way!!

We really had another low key week followed by a fun weekend of getting out. To be continued on Monday as Dustin has the day off and we are going to go SOMEWHERE on an adventure!! And it is the beginning of my Birthday week. Not that I ever do anything for my Birthday. I always feel like if I plan something big when it doesn't work out like I had hoped I just feel disappointed. So having no expectations leaves any awesomeness that happens as a surprise and makes the day all that much better!!

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