Monday, April 13, 2015

Idstein Hexenmarkt

Yay, another sorta travel blog. Well it is if you don't live here in Germany. But for us it was only a 15 min drive!

We are always looking for fun new adventures and that will never end for us you will always get travel blogs from me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

This weekend we were back to Idstein which you may remember from Christmas Time as being a major favorite of ours. Well we saw an article about them having a Hexenmarkt. Which is essentially a mid evil festival. Either way it was super cool. The amount of detail they put in to these Markets always blows my mind. From actual blacksmiths, to the smallest details of covering street signs with burlap to make them disappear!!

The witching tower! Its old and its cool but wasn't actually used during the witch trials like you would think.

Walking their pet Ferret

How cool are those? I almost got one but glad I waited and got the Journal!

Kids Jousting 

Hand cranked merry-go-round

Pet Owl

Mmm oven cooked pizza

Troll or Witch...not sure.

Broom Parking

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