Thursday, December 12, 2013

Project 52: Bokeh

So I am very aware that this picture certainly could use some help and I may attempt to do this picture in different ways later on, and if I do I will be sure to post them so you can see my progress. But as a first attempt at Christmas Tree Bokeh I think this turned out relatively well. I would like to try next time to take a picture of just the tree all bokeh'd out or with something in the foreground but the tree less identifiable.

But I hope you like this one!

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.


  1. Try turning off the lights to get more bang out of the lights. Use a tripod or put your camera on something steady so you can have a longer shutter speed. If you need some light on the object in the foreground use a small light. Even something small like a flashlight could work (especially if you have a long shutter speed).

    1. I mean turning off the lights in the living room to get more bang of the lights on the tree. Just re-read what I wrote and it didn't make much sense.

    2. Hahaha it did make since :D I am wrapping more presents tomorrow so I will try it out!! Cuz this one was pretty, but I wanted more from it!!