Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Random Ramblings of a WFHM: The day of a Dr Appointment

Bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzz my fit bit alarm is going off in my wrist!! Hey awesome I got to wake up to my alarm not a kid, I love this now I can actually wake up on my own time while still laying in bed!! The makings of a good day!!!! 

T-minus 2.5 hours until appointment time.

CRASH, MOMMY!!!! What the heck was that, oh yeah I have kids, crap that sound came from the kitchen what did she break now??? Jump out of bed and run to Kitchen to cereal all over the floor. Oh the joys of a very independent, "I'll let mom sleep in" almost 4 year old. Time to clean up mess #1!

T-minus 2.5 hours (yup so much for that calm wake up in bed stuff haha) until appointment time.

Make strawberry milk, open strawberry yogurt, and open a banana. One kid up and fed!! Not bad, now I can drink some coffee. Sit down time to relax and get the day going!! Feet up, ahhhh not a terrible morning, cereal was easy enough to clean up. I don't know why she was even getting cereal when she wanted yogurt and a banana....who knows. This day is going okay after all, I'll wake Darren up in like 20 mins and get him ready and myself ready and we should make good time. WAAAHHH, oh guess not he's up now!! Well better to get him. Hot coffee onto the counter it goes.

T-minus 2 hours until appointment time.

Milk poured thank goodness I remembered to run the dishwasher last night so I had a clean Sippy cup!! Banana and cereal on his table, check now I can get back to that coffee, which is now just kinda warm. Oh well maybe it's a good thing he woke up before I had to wake him up now he will have more time to eat. Sit down to finish my coffee. SPLASH!!! What was that??? Uh oh mom my milk spilt.....of course it did mess #2...it's okay I'll let the dogs in to clean it. Yup I let that happen cuz I wanna drink my coffee!

T-minus 1.5 hours until appointment time.

Okay time to get dressed. I'll wear that black and white maxi dress it's so nice out and that sounds wonderful!! Now where is is....oh probably in one of the three full baskets of clean clothes in the laundry room. Dump them on the bed. Oh there it is at the bottom doesn't that figure? Aww dressed and even managed a little mascara!! So far so good. Oh look who followed me to the bathroom but my entire entourage!! Oh Darren your little smile is so cute, go ahead and wipe your sticky banana fingers all over the bottom of my dress, no one will notice that down there...haha no shame. Now to get the kids dressed!! 

T-minus about 1.25 hours until appointment time.

Yay kids dressed!! Time to start packing the diaper bag, get shoes on. Turn around , Darren has Kyra's drinkable yogurt in hand, is that empty....no it's not. Why would it be.....yogurt all down his front and all over the couch....mess #3!! Kyra take the yogurt and throw it away while I get him a new shirt. Mom he won't let me have it....take it....mom it's all over my dress now too....ugh seriously? Go to pick him up and he cranks around great now I have yogurt all over my dress again too.

T-minus 1 hour until appointment time.

Run around like chicken with head cut off to get everyone new clothes. Kids dressed, now what will I wear? Dig dig dig where the heck are all my shirts? Oh yeah I haven't done my laundry yet just the kids, hubby's and towels!! Well heck what am I gonna wear??? Oh good thing Dustin is bigger than me. Wearing is shirt here we go. Now to load the kids into the car and get across town to be 15-20 mins early as advised. 

T-minus 45 mins until appointment time.

What the heck, did I seriously just drive all the way across town without any traffic, across two school zones, and 5 lights in 5 mins? Well heck now I am freaking 40 mins early. Uh wonderful....guess we get to sit in the car for like 15 mins, and hope they take us in early.  Head into the dr appointment cuz I can't handle Kyra repeating lets go inside 100 more times. 

T-minus 30 mins until appointment.

Wait.....wait....wait.....wait....oh man trying so hard to be patient. Don't rip the magazine, don't play peekaboo under the table, stop making Darren scream...where is the stinking Doctor...why do I have to be here early...there is like no one else waiting for an appointment I don't understand what appointment times are for....

T-minus not minus anymore it's 10 mins past the appointment time.

Oh finally our turn. Really all that wait for a 5 mins vitals check, and 5 mins prepping for 6 shots? How did that even happen? Finally we can go home. We survived that appointment, now we repeat that all again next month for Kyra's appointment!!

Time 20 mins after appointment time!!!

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