Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mitts that keep your heart warm!!!

Hello all, my name is Allison. I am a high school friend of Sabrina; she asked me to make a tutorial of my oven mitt with hand prints. I actually got the idea off Pinterest, (Guilty!)They are very easy, and so affordable, all you need is, an oven mitt(s), acrylic paint, a paint brush and of course small set of 5 fingers… (Oh, and baby wipes or a wet towel for cleanup)

When purchasing the oven mitt, I just went to our local Dollar General, they have some holiday oven mitts right now, and they are just $1!! Can’t get much cheaper than that!  The oven mitts also have one side that has a Christmas design and another side that has a solid color design which is exactly what you need for this project.

After you have all of the supplies, you are ready to begin! The young man I am using in my tutorial is my son, Jeffrey. (Jeffrey is 2, and I would recommend using a high chair to help hold still any younger children you plan on making this project with!) After, he is securely in his high chair, just slap some paint on his little fingers, and if your child is like my son he/she will need some help holding their little fingers open (my husband helped me with this part!) Once we like where his hand was, we pushed his hand on to the fabric. Then I pushed down each finger to make sure the paint transferred.

This is the time where you take the project and admire it thus far, while Daddy cleans up the sticky fingers; just kidding!! But, if the handprint turned out a little blotchy, or paint didn’t transfer all from all the fingers you can do a quick touch up with your paint brush (or fingers if you’re already messy like me.) But then, I let the paint dry for 10 or 15 minutes, while we cleaned up our two year old.
Then, I got out my handy dandy paint brush and got to painting. I wanted it say something simple, so I went with “Merry Christmas.” The idea I saw on Pinterest, had the saying, “Helping Hands” on it. I also, painted, “Love, Jeffrey” underneath his handprint. On the thumb of the oven mitt, I put the year because I like putting the year on everything we make together.

I made 4 total, which we are going to give as Christmas gifts to Grandparents, and a Great Grandma and then for me to keep of course. I am also, thinking about adding a Christmas cookie cutter and a recipe card for sugar cookies on this to make it an extra special gift.  I hope you have fun making these with your little one, good luck and have a very Merry Christmas!

Let me know what you think!! Hope it works for you.


  1. This is fantastic! I bet grandparents love these gifts. :) What a wonderful keepsake.

  2. Aw, i love it Sabrina! Thanks for asking me to be a guest blogger. It was fun writing it and taking the pictures :)