Thursday, December 27, 2012

The end of Christmas!

      I am sorry that the last few days of the 25 days of Christmas kinda fell apart. I just got really distracted by the fact Dustin was off work and we had a lot of great family time. We are still gonna be really lucky for the next week or two with him having very little work time. Kyra is sure loving having him home more often. Although sadly we will be having to say goodbye to him in February for a few months, including over both Kyra and I's birthdays :( Guess we better get our fill now while we can.

     But back to Christmas. Since I slacked on the last couple day I'll just do one big blog about the fun Christmas activities the day before and on Christmas!! It was a really awesome Christmas and having children really does make the holiday magic come back!!

       First thing we did was make cookies for Santa, lets just say don't try this with a 9 month old. That really just turned into a huge mess of flour EVERYWHERE! But I think she had fun playing in the mess anyways, that is until she started rubbing her eyes! Needless to say we ended up doing the rest letting her play on the ground. The cookies don't look the greatest as we were rushing to get them done and get her into a bath before she spread the flour all over the entire house.

       We let them all cool over night so we could worry about frosting them the next day during a nap time for baby Kyra! And it worked out great. Again we are far from professionals and a lot of our cookies look like 3 year old's frosted them. But here are a few of my favorites :)

     Then they were ready to put out for Santa to eat :) Here is Kyra putting them out...or well trying to eat them.

       Christmas morning came with a lot of excitement from us more than anything, after doing a bit of cuddling in bed just the three of us talking and playing we got up to see what Santa had brought. I set her down and the first thing she saw was the tie dye bear from her uncle Shane. She went straight for it and started loving on it! I knew she would love it! Than it was on to all the other toys, here are some pictures of her opening them up.

     After spending all morning playing with all the new toys, it was time to start cooking dinner so we would be ready to eat when the neighbors came up! Dustin made the turkey and totally rocked it, he got creative and it was probably the juiciest turkey EVER!!! I am so excited for him to make it again sometime! And I made mashed potatoes in the crock-pot that turned out Amazing far better than the batch I made for thanksgiving! There was a few other sides and of course pie. It was over all a great dinner and the company of GREAT friends just made it that much better. I must say this was the best Christmas in 3 years. Having a baby makes Christmas way more magical!

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